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The Best Beauty Spas in the World

The World's Most Beautiful Spas

The phrase ‘beauty is pain’ is one that is well known, yet inherently misleading. Beauty is relaxation, it is inner peace, it is health. Beauty is most certainly not meant to be painful, and if it is, then there’s a strong chance you're heading to the wrong places. So, to shepherd you in the right direction and save you from your beauty woes, we’ve put together a list of the best beauty spa holidays around the world. Whether you’re after traditional cosmetic treatments, chasing the latest and greatest in beauty technology, or fancy opting for something a little more holistic and spiritual to find your inner gorgeousness, we have the spa, and the destination, that’s right for you.


Spain: Marbella Club Beauty

marbella club facial

Sheltered by the mountains of Sierra de las Nieves, and nestled between Marbella and the prestigious yacht marina of Puerto Banus, Marbella Club is a jewel of the Costa del Sol. Discover the natural healing powers of the ocean as you cleanse and detox in the revitalising Thalasso Spa, where panoramic views of the Mediterranean evoke peace and relaxation. Turn back the clock with a selection of personalised revival treatments, including the ‘Dr. Babor collagen facial’ which aims to plump and densify the skin for a youthful natural radiance. Additionally, open your mind with some yoga or meditation for a holistic approach to inner and outer beauty on your anti-ageing spa retreat.

More information: View Marbella Club


St Lucia: BodyHoliday Healthy Ageing

BodyHoliday facial

Surrounded by regal and eminent Pitons, white sand beaches, and breath-taking natural beauty, St Lucia is a nation blessed—and with the ultimate luxury spa stay at the BodyHoliday, you can be too.  Adopting an all-around approach to wellness, relish the feeling youth and beauty with a selection of therapeutic, holistic and medical remedial techniques. Balance the soul with yoga and meditation, nourish the body with stimulating massage, and shave years off with a non-surgical treatment of your choice. Reap the physical and psychological ‘youth enhancing’ properties of regular exercise and good nutrition, with bespoke exercise classes, training sessions, lifestyle consultations, and take-home life-hacks of how to maintain the new you.

More information: View  BodyHoliday


Spain: Oceano Beauty

Oceano beach yoga

Hidden away on the tranquil northern shore of Tenerife, Oceano Hotel Health Spa offers an idyllic remote location for a beach spa retreat to focus on restoring wellness and feeling gorgeous. Free yourself of daily stresses as you enjoy beauty treatments designed by experts. Kick things off with an initial cosmetic consultation, followed by a beautifying facial treatment. Preen your paws with a mani-pedi, and contour the face with eyelash and eyebrow tinting. Acknowledging the importance of spare-time in your time off, you will have plenty to do as you wish. Spend it exercising with others, relaxing in the impressive health centre or simply admiring the magnificent view.

More information: View  Oceano Hotel Health Spa


Portugal: Six Senses Douro Valley Yogic Sleep

Six Senses Douro Valley Manicure

Never underestimate the beauty of a good night sleep. Amidst miles of undulating hillside in Portugal’s celebrated wine region - Douro Valley, enjoy a sleepy holiday in a renovated 19th-century manor house for the yoga and spa retreat of your dreams. Six Senses offer a holistic approach to getting your 8 hours, utilising yoga and meditation to regulate breathing, relax the muscles and calm the mind. Further evoke total-body tranquillity with therapies such as foot acupuncture, Indian head massage and detox massage. With a peaceful and still body and mind, getting a good night sleep has never been easier, and the beauty benefits, well, they’re just a bonus.

More information: View Six Senses Douro Valley


Italy: Lefay Beauty of Body and Mind 

lefay outdoor massage

Picturesque and magnificent; Lake Garda inspires harmony and calm, an idyllic ambiance for a beauty-inspired luxury spa break for the senses. Commence your bespoke retreat with a beauty consultation, skin analysis and cellular ageing factor’s test to determine the current health of your skin. Continue with a varied selection of anti-ageing treatments, focused on exuding your natural radiance and improving energy levels to make you look, and feel, younger. One particular treatment worth looking forward to is the salt-water lake ‘La Luna nel Lago’ which cleanses, detoxifies, and diminishes negative energy, providing take-home benefits to both the body and the mind. 

More information: View  Lefay Resort & Spa


Thailand: Amatara De-Stress Spa and Wellness

Amatara thai hamman

Located on the island of Phuket; a world where alluring turquoise oceans lay in dazzling contrast to palm-fringed, white sand beaches, and where time flies yet also seems to stand still, Amatara welcomes you to a de-stress retreat to find your inner calm. Rejuvenate the body and mind with a series of holistic treatments and therapies, from private yoga and meditation to Chi Nei Tsang and Kati Vasti. Amatara also proudly exhibits the world’s first Thai Hamman, a truly invigorating opportunity not to be missed. To complete the experience, indulge in a little outer beauty, with a manicure, pedicure and healthy cooking class. 

More information: View  Amatara Wellness Resort


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