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Learning Holidays

learn how to luxury holidays

Choose one of our learning holidays and get more out of your next holiday than a fly-and-flop week spent vegetating on the beach. Whether you learn to surf in Costa Rica, learn yoga in St Lucia, or learn how to meditate in India, utilise that precious ‘me time’ by gaining a new skill and achieving a healthy life goal.
Tailor make a learning holiday
learn pilates holidaylearn yoga holidaylearn meditation holidaylearn to dance holiday

Learn Pilates

Learn Yoga

Learn Meditation

Learn to Dance

From Thailand to Italy, learn Pilates and feel your body transform. Engage your deepest core muscles with ground and 1-on-1 classes as your improve strength and flexibility.

From India to Spain, whether you want to learn yoga to improve fitness, learn how to relax, get in touch with your spiritual side or enhance your flexibility, there is a yoga class for you.

Whether in the forests of India, or beaches of Cyprus, learn meditation on holiday and discover how to cleanse your mind for a new-found inner-peace.

Get on your dancing shoes and learn to dance on a fitness holiday that will transform how you use your body. Sizzle with salsa, or pick up the pace with Zumba.

Our most popular holidays...
  > Absolute Sanctuary
  > Parrot Cay Yoga & Pilates

Our most popular holidays...
  > Ananda Yoga
  > Paradis Plage Yoga

Our most popular holidays...
  > Shreyas Silent Retreat
  > Thanyapura Mindfulness Retreat

Our most popular holidays...
> The BodyHoliday, LeSPORT
The BodyHoliday, Jive June


learn to beat stress holidaylearn a healthy lifestyle holidaylearn to detox holidaylearn to lose weight holiday

Learn to Beat Stress

Learn a Healthy Lifestyle

Learn to Detox

Learn to Lose Weight

Banish the strains of modern day living and re-charge as you escape on a wellness holiday and learn to beat stress long-term. Combine relaxing spa treatments, emotional therapies and nutritional evaluations.

Whether you want to learn to stop smoking, eat healthier, beat insomnia, or increase your fitness, learn a healthy lifestyle and gather the knowledge to improve your long-term well-being.

Feeling run down and worn out? Learn how to detox in our idyllic handpicked destinations as you cleanse the body of harmful toxins on a healthy holiday, for a series of well-being effects both inside and out.

Throw away the fad-diet books and learn to lose weight healthily in inspiring surroundings. Learn to achieve and maintain your ideal weight with personalised diet plans and fitness sessions.

Our most popular holidays...
  > SHA Anti-Stress
  > Oceano Ayurveda Anti-Stress

Our most popular holidays...
  > Ti Sana
  > Atmantan Holistic Health

Our most popular holidays...
  > The Farm Detox Cleanse
  > Lefay Detox

Our most popular holidays...
  > Kamalaya Ideal Weight
  > EPIC Sana Ultimate Reshape


learn golf holidaylearn to surf windsurf SUPlearn to scuba dive holidaylearn tennis holiday

Learn Golf

Learn to Surf or SUP

Learn to Dive

Learn Tennis

Take a golf lesson with the pros and practice to perfection when you learn to play golf on a variety of courses in stunning surroundings, from the coastlines of Cyprus, to the mountains of Malaysia.

Feel an adrenalin rush as you ride the waves and learn to surf, feel the sea-breeze whip through your hair as you learn windsurfing, or find a more relaxing water experience and learn stand-up paddle boarding.

Become spellbound with the world you discover beneath the ocean’s surface when you learn to scuba dive from a range of luxury sea-front locations including Mauritius, Portugal, Asia and the Caribbean.

Serve it and smash it as you learn tennis on holiday with private lessons and group classes. Professional instructors are on court in sun-soaked destinations to teach you how to gain the advantage.

Our most popular holidays...
  > Penha Longa Golf
  > Galo Golf

Our most popular holidays...
  > Florblanca Surfing
  > EPIC Sana SUP Fitness

Our most popular holidays...
  > Siddhartha Resort & Spa
  > Maalifushi by COMO Diving

Our most popular holidays...
  > Carlisle Bay Tennis
  > Penha Longa Tennis


learn to swim on holiday

Learn to Swim

Make the most of your surroundings and learn to swim on an exotic holiday. Private coaching sessions will build fitness and recondition your swimming technique for increased streamline elegance.

Our most popular holidays...
  > Thanyapura Swim
  > The BodyHoliday SwimFit