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The Health and Fitness Class Guide

The range of health and fitness classes available is so vast that many people don't know where to start and what each one entails. Having an understanding of what each class offers and how it will benefit us is a key component when formulating a fitness regime, because it is easy to get stuck in a class that's not suited to your goals. Here is a breakdown on some of the most popular fitness holiday classes from cardio to strength training and what areas of the body they target, strengthen and tone.


Cardio training is important because it strengthens the heart and blood vessels, plus it can burn a vast amount of calories. Any exercise that raises the heart rate will be working the cardiovascular system and a few classes that focus on this are as follows:

Aqua Aerobics Aqua Aerobics
This is a form of water aerobics, where various types of resistance exercises are done in the shallow side of the pool. This kind of training is excellent for reducing the risk of joint or bone injury and enables the body to have a better range of movement. This class is great for all levels of fitness, especially beginners.

A great place for water aerobics is at The BodyHoliday.
Body Combat Body Combat
This high energy fitness class was inspired by martial arts, such as Karate, Kick-Boxing, Tai Chi and Tae Kwando, and uses a variety of punches, kicks and strikes.  This type of workout is good for cardio conditioning, as well as toning and strengthening the whole body, through the various combat and self-defence techniques.

Learn martial arts at Absolute Sanctuary or Kamalaya.
Box Fit Box Fit
A high intensity cardio class that bases its techniques and methods on boxing. Using practices such as the jab, strike, upper cut, front kick, side kick and back kick in a circuit training set-up; each person moves to the different boxing stations with the option of punching bags, target pads and body weight exercises. This class is perfect for all levels and it is guaranteed to build and strengthen muscles while burning fat and calories.

Learn Thai Boxing at Absolute Sanctuary on our Fitness Programme.
Circuit Training Circuit Training
A high intensity cardio class that uses different aerobic techniques and resistance training in various stations around a fitness studio. Each station will have a different purpose as to what part of the body it will be working, providing a Cardio-intense full body workout. The purpose is to work different parts of the body in fast pace intervals, spending a specific amount of time at each station and then moving quickly into the next station, which is seen as the most time efficient way to work the whole body and to improve cardio capability. This is great for all fitness levels.

Try circuit training at Reads Hotel and Grayshott Spa.
Spinning Spinning
A challenging class that uses a stationary bike and an instructor who takes the class through different intervals of intensity. Spinning is great for toning the legs and bum as well as for building cardiovascular endurance. Music is played throughout the session to keep motivation up and as a guide for the cycling rhythm.

Take up Spinning at Buccament Bay in St. Vincent & the Grenadines.
Zumba Zumba
This is a Latin infusion dance class that uses different dance moves to get the body moving and shaking. It's a high energetic aerobics routine that has a variety of fast and slow paced dance moves, which are great at toning the body and burning calories.

You can enjoy Zumba nearly every day at Now Sapphire.



Strength training is primarily used to build and strengthen muscles through a variety of resistance methods and exercises. This type of training will help to strengthen the bones and muscles, reducing potential injuries and improving joint mobility, and will burn calories long after the exercise is done. There are different classes and equipment that can be used to strengthen the body.

Body Conditioning Body Conditioning
A great class for conditioning and toning the whole body by using low weights and lots of repetitions. The wide range of weights used throughout the class will challenge the body in different ways and each person will benefit from increased core strength and flexibility whilst also gaining muscle definition and strength endurance.

A great place for body conditioning classes is The BodyHoliday or Grayshott Spa.
Body Pump Body Pump
This class combines aerobics with weight training by using a variety of weights with aerobic exercises to shape and tone muscles, strengthen the whole body and burn calories.

Body Pump classes can be found on our Reads Spa & Sport break, or at Sugar Ridge in Antigua.
Kinesis Kinesis
Kinesis means movement; which is the basis of this class, where a pulley type of machine is used as a form of resistance to help balance and work the body in an almost unlimited number of multidirectional positions, due to the nature of the machine setup. This is a great class for building strength endurance and improving balance and movement. It's also known to burn 30% more calories than the basic exercise machines.

Train in Kinesis at Chiva Som.
Power Plates Power Plates
This class is based around a Power Plate machine which utilises a vibrating plate as its main component that involuntarily makes the muscles reflex and intensifies traditional exercises. Exercises such as squats or push-ups can be used on the machine and each exercise is generally done for relatively short periods of time, depending on the class and specific fitness targets.

Enjoy Power Plates at Grayshott Spa and Aphrodite Hills.



There are some great exercises that will focus on easing stress and reducing tension in the body. Various classes are available that help to exercise the body while calming the mind, here are a few favourites:

Ashtanga Yoga Ashtanga Yoga
This type of yoga derived from the teachings of Pattabhi Jois in 1927, in India. The method involves synchronising breathing with one's movement into each yoga pose and is a great way of improving circulation, detoxing the muscles and calming the mind.

Complimentary yoga classes on all our Absolute Sanctuary programmes in Thailand.
Yogalates Yogalates
This class combines the methods of Yoga with those of Pilates by using various poses that focus on strengthening the core, increasing flexibility and calming the mind. Posture and spine alignment will be improved as well as muscle tone.

Experience Yogalates at Parrot Cay.
Meditation Meditation
Meditation classes involve training the mind in an attempt to find inner peace and overcome the stress of everyday life. Meditation has the immediate benefits of feeling more calm and relaxed. The various forms, including sitting meditation, walking meditation and dance movement meditation, are all considered powerful gateways to self-realisation.

Learn meditation on our Longevity Stress Reduction programme, or at Ananda in India.
Tai Chi Tai Chi
This is a form of Chinese martial arts that aims to increase flexibility and suppleness whilst simultaneously exercising the muscles. It commonly takes 'hand form' that involves using smooth gentle movements to assist the free flow of internal energy. Tai Chi aims to aid relaxation and help keep the mind calm and relaxed.

Practice Tai Chi at Como Shambhala in Bali.
Qi Gong Qi Gong
This class aims to build stamina, increase vitality and enhance the immune system to create a positive outlook on life and a balanced lifestyle. Qi Gong uses gentle, rhythmic movements and breathing techniques that are typically repeated to strengthen and stretch the body. This gentle form of exercise increases fluid movement and helps to improve posture.

Qi Gong classes are held at Abama in Tenerife.
Pilates Pilates
Pilates is a gentle form of body conditioning designed to elongate, strengthen and restore the body to balance. This exercise method tones the abdominals whilst strengthening the back and places an emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment. With varying intensities, Pilates is an exercise method suitable for just about anyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

Practice Pilates at Parrot Cay in the Turks & Caicos.  

Whether you want to strengthen the whole body, build up your cardiovascular endurance or relax the mind, there is a class that will suit all of these needs. There are healthy holidays that are packed with fitness programs and classes that will help you to target your fitness goals, whether those are losing weight or gaining muscle tone and strength. If you are ever unsure about what the class will entail, speaking to the teacher is a great way to find out important details.

Additionally, most of our holidays have class descriptions as part of their activity schedules.  Starting a fitness regime with a workout class is a great way to be motivated to reach goals and the overall atmosphere in these classes is uplifting, making all the hard work enjoyable.

Talk to one of our Travel Specialists on 0203 397 8891 or contact us here to discuss tailor-making your perfect healthy holiday.

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