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Recommend a Friend and save £50 on your next holiday with us! And as a welcome, your friend gets £50 off too!
1. Tell a Friend About Us

Tell your friends about Health and Fitness Travel

2. Book a Holiday

Your friend makes his/her first ever booking with us

3. You both Get Rewards

You receive a £50 discount voucher for your
next holiday with us.
Your friend saves £50 on the booking

About Us

Health and Fitness Travel is committed to create life-enhancing healthy holiday experiences and has extensively travelled the world researching and hand-picking the best destinations and programmes. We believe that a health and wellness holiday must be designed around personal goals, whether to get fit, lose weight, detox, de-stress, discover or simply relax and our mission is to bring people home feeling both happier and healthier.

Terms and Conditions
• Your recommended friend must not have been on a Health and Fitness Travel holiday either individually or as part of a group.   
• Your friend must mention your name and the Recommend a Friend scheme when making the booking.   
• Your reward cannot be exchanged for the equivalent amount in money and can only be used when purchasing a holiday.