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Summer Healthy Holiday Ideas

Selecting the right summer healthy holiday can be tricky; whether it’s choosing between a fitness retreat in Ibiza, or finding the perfect activity holiday in Greece or spa and yoga break in Morocco. Which is why we’ve put together our healthy holiday inspiration section to help you with ideas.


Luxury Spa Breaks

Fusion Fitness™ Holidays

Cultural Wellness Holidays

Our BodyBreaks offer the perfect combination of fitness, relaxation and luxury. Our handpicked destinations offer everything you need to improve your health, from refreshing alpine retreats to stunning mediterranean getaways.

Take time to re-energise whilst indulging in therapeutic spa treatments and holistic activities on one of our Luxury Spa Breaks. Our handpicked destinations are perfect for a quick and healthy getaway, with luxury spa resorts in stunning locations.

Focus on health and wellness through physical exercise or simply relax in the idyllic surroundings on one of our Fusion Fitness holidays. Choose your favourite activities and combine them together to create the perfect programme.

Combine the benefits of exploring culture with staying healthy and active on one of our Cultural Wellness holidays. Choose from a variety of tailor-made excursions where your senses will be enlightened to give you a taste of the destination.

Our most popular holidays...
> Argentario BodyBreak™
> D-Hotel Maris BodyBreak™

Our most popular holidays...
> Porto Elounda Sense of Spa
> La Clairière

Our most popular holidays...
> Galo Fusion Fitness™
> Lefay Fusion Fitness™

Our most popular holidays...
> Morocco Discover Recover™
> Vietnam Discover Recover™




Africa & Indian Ocean

In addition to the pristine beaches and turquoise waters that Caribbean holidays are usually associated with, this idyllic region also offers a tremendous selection of stimulating fitness opportunities for solo travellers, couples, and families.

From the foothills of the majestic Himalayas to the sandy shores of Thailand, Asia is incredibly diverse. From cleansing your system on a detox retreat to working up a sweat with fun activities, you can do it on our recommended holidays in Asia.

From invigorating ski & spa holidays in the Austrian Alps to our personalised Fusion Fitness holiday on Turkey's stunning Aegean coastline, European holidays have everything you need to ensure your time off is well spent on a healthy holiday in the sun.

With their breath-taking bio-diversity, varied landscape, and cultural vibrancy, Africa & the Indian Ocean holidays have a great deal to offer, from relaxing yoga retreats in Morocco to de-stressing at an all-inclusive South African safari.

Our most popular holidays...
> Carlise Bay
> Sun Gardens Dubrovnik

Our most popular holidays...
> Kamalaya
> Ananda in the Himalayas

Our most popular holidays...
> Sun Gardens Dubrovnik
> Target Fitness Retreats

Our most popular holidays...
> Wildfitness Crete
> Shanti Maurice