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Veer Singh

Veer Singh

The brainchild of young visionary Veer Singh, Vana Retreats is a manifestation of his belief in wellness, his respect for nature and keen interest in design and hospitality. Veer who was born in New Delhi, India spent a number of years in England and Spain. A man of varied interests, Veer grew up wanting to become a sportsman, a musician, a physicist and later a farmer. He plays tennis, enjoys archery, swims, dabbles with percussion instruments and endeavours to lead a more sustainable, balanced and mindful life. Veer has set himself the ambitious goal of making Vana, Malsi Estate the most iconic wellness retreat in the world.


An Interview with Veer Singh, founder of Vana Malsi Estate

How would you define Vana’s overall concept and philosophy and what makes you different?

Our starting point, our way and our end goal is to enhance the well-being of all those that cross paths with Vana in their journey. This is what drives us in each moment, and led us to create the most comprehensive, sincere and authentic offering of wellness available, perhaps unparalleled to anything else in the world.

There are many points of difference at Vana, apart from our vast wellness offering, spanning across 7 different areas of wellness (Ayurveda, Tibetan Healing, Yoga, Natural Healing, Spa, Fitness and Aqua). These points of difference include our design, the quality of our spaces, our cuisine that is not only very creative and of the highest quality but also completely complementary to our wellness offering and much more.


What was your biggest inspiration in creating this wellness retreat?

Initiatives like Vana do not just happen, they do not materialize from one inspiration. They come about from an evolution of oneself, led perhaps by something that is difficult to recognize during the actual process of creation. In retrospect, I feel the inspiration was to create a place and a philosophy that brings equilibrium while at the same time inspires and to some extent provokes different thought and action.

What’s the difference between a wellness retreat versus a spa?

A wellness retreat brings together many more paradigms, of which spa is just one. It is a place where you come to with a clearer objective; that is usually to address one or more aspects of your well-being. It is also a place that has certain rules and guidelines, and where the rhetoric of “the customer is always right” does not apply. It is a place that must evoke the trust of those that come there, and that must have the skill and knowledge to make good the trust reposed in it.


Yog at Vana Malsi Estate

Yoga at Vana Malsi Estate

How would you define Ayurveda?

It is not for me to define. It is the traditional form of medicine and lifestyle of India and doesn’t require interpretation. It has however been abused globally, and contorted into a diluted and sub-standard spa offering, at least in most places. Here at Vana we practice it to a complete level of authenticity, with qualifies doctors, therapists and products. However in an environment that is very comfortable, contemporary and of high quality, with cuisine and other complements to complete the offering.


What is the most common wellness objective for your clients?

It has been a mix of detox, natural healing, de-stress, weight management, yoga and fitness as well as those centred around discovering what they need to address here at Vana and addressing it through Ayurveda, Tibetan Healing or TCM.

What would you define as the major health benefits of organic food?

Eating organic means you are not ingesting trace elements of chemicals that are synthetic and harmful to most living beings. These would effect the body in different ways, albeit slowly. Eating organic is also more respectful to ecology, something that we usually choose to ignore, but we are aware of. It is a choice and a way of living as well, the conversations as to why one should and shouldn’t are not actually necessary. One should do as one thinks best.

Please tell us about the spa treatments at Vana and which programmes are most popular for your clients?

Our wellness menu is quite vast, spanning across our 7 different offerings. We don’t have ready-made programmes. Each one is customized to a guest.

What are your top three tips for increased well-being?

Again, this is very particular to each individual. We do not make broad brushed claims or statements about what is better for well-being.

One answer would be, come to Vana and find out!



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