Spotlight on Healthy Eating & Nutrition

With modern day lifestyles making unhealthy eating habits all too easy, the need to substitute fatty and sugary foods with a well-balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates and veggies is ever present in today’s society. Make a healthy change to your nutrition and feel your body transform from the inside-out with a range of beneftis, including higher energy levels.

As we share our top healthy eating holidays and expert advice, learn how to start making positive changes to incorporate healthy eating & nutrition into your lifestyle!

Discover the best beverages for aiding your weight loss from delectable smoothies to even black coffee!
As they say health is wealth! Find out how you can help to keep yours in check for optimal wellbeing and performance!
Explore our range of vegan-friendly and raw food wellness retreats to indulge your tastebuds!
We weigh up the benefits and setbacks of a juice cleanse retreat to help you decide whether it's a good option!

Our Nutrition-Friendly Retreats

Whether you're looking to change your eating habits for the better, detox or keep to your specialist diet whilst away - we have a varied range of nutrition-friendly retreats to choose from!

Naturopath Nutritionist Hollie Bailey reveals how to activate turmeric in order to unlock its nutritional benefits!

Virginia Harper, Expert Natural Health Counsellor at SHA Wellness Clinic gives us the lowdown on all things macrobiotic.
Narendra Sharma discusses how ayurvedic eating can benefit our health and rebalance our doshas!
Dr David Mantle outlines the health benefits of supplements and vitamins we can take to compliment a healthy diet

Events & Workshops

Going the extra mile and delivering added value for clients is extremely important to us here at Health and Fitness Travel which is why we regular partner up with suppliers and wellness experts to bring you events and workshops to help you enhance both your physical and mental wellbeing!

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Explore our fasting retreats to find the best one for you!
Cook up a healthy storm with our recipes from retreats & chefs!
Discover the best vegan-friendly resorts to visit!
Detoxify your body and mind on a juice detox retreat!

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