Private Jet Holidays

From front door to hotel lobby, you can skip the queues and uncertainty of airline travel with a bespoke private jet holiday. Our clients can discover our world of wellness from the ground up with a two-week private charter to a luxury wellness retreat or medical spa in Europe to a spectacular around-the-world wellness trip. 

Acquaint yourself with the heights of luxury on a flight that prioritises you and your party's enjoyment. Avoid the potential health risks of busy airports with a safer, more private, means of luxury transport. Ease the stress of flying with a service that is reliable, discreet and the epitome of comfort. A luxury private jet holiday is a once in a lifetime experience that few even dream of. See the world your way in true jet-setter fashion, simply let us know your requirements and take to the skies in style.

Private Aircraft to Your Specifications

From helicopters to executive airliner charters and all that's inbetween
for groups large or small.
We can cater to your specifications.

Expert Travel Advice

Ask our experienced travel advisers anything,
from retreat information to tailored tours and programmes.

Exclusive Complimentary Extras

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Ultimate Around The World Wellness Trip

Ultimate Around The World Wellness Trip

Become the master of your health and fitness on our ultimate luxury around the world wellness trip, with multiple stops in 20 countries from Spain to Brazil.
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The Rise of the Private

We explore the rise in private jet chartering as a safer, more luxurious and reliable alternative to commercial flying during the COVID-19 pandemic
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