Winter Sun Holidays 

Walk from the rich green canopy to the pristine white beach before being enveloped by the deep blue of the horizon. Run your feet through the fine sand of a tropical beach as you feel the equatorial sun bathe you in light.  Leave behind bleak seasonal greyness for an island paradise with special offers on one of our luxury Winter Sun Holidays. Release all tension in the meditative stillness of a yoga studio or at the trained hands of seasoned masseurs with our winter sun deals. Gift yourself the gift of wellness and peace of mind to tackle this season head on.   

Mauritius bay


Indulge in crystal clear turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and luxurious resorts with bespoke health & wellness programmes in this tropical paradise.
Italy holidays at five star resorts


World-renowned for it's beauty whether it's up in the alps or down on Amalfi's beaches, Italy is the premier destination to indulge in a wellness break.
luxury Portuguese resort


Boasting a warm climate, a stunning coastline and luxurious restorts, Portugal has much to offer in the way of health, fitness, great food and scenery!
St Lucia Beach

St. Lucia

Guaranteed breath-taking views of mountains and beaches as well as exciting excursions await courtesy of this Caribbean island haven.