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Tim Bishop is an advanced Personal Trainer who specialises in circuit training, torso training and core stability. He's also a fire fighter in the London Fire Brigade, an excellent Boxing and Kettle bell instructor, who dedicates time to passing on his knowledge of fitness training and nutrition to others. Tim runs flexible fitness retreats and boot camps at Buccament Bay in the Caribbean. After completing his gruelling commando training, Tim went on to give sterling service of 8 years in the Royal Marines. In addition to his war fighting role he has also took part in various sporting activities and competitions, as well as taking circuits for recruits and trained soldiers.


Interview with a Fitness Expert

What makes Buccament Bay such a special place to have a fitness retreat?

Can you imagine an early morning jog on the crisp white beach, hiking through rich green jungle plantations and swimming in clear blue seas, Buccament Bay in St Vincent is such a great place for a fitness retreat. I know that for some the idea of training in the heat is not a pleasant one. However with being ex Royal Marines, we are highly experienced in such environments. Training will always be conducted with the individuals comfort in mind, for example a lot of training will be conducted in the shade and before the sun is fully up in the morning, hence the early morning wake up call. At times you might have to train in the sun, but you will be given lots of time to seek shelter and take on-board water. If you were looking to escape the everyday stresses of life, and want to awaken the inner healthier and fitter you then I would definitely consider Buccament Bay.

What are the classic health and fitness mistakes you see people make?

The main mistakes I witness are those regarding nutrition and incorrect exercise technique. A lot of people get these things all wrong. Starving yourself of food will not make the weight drop off; instead your body will hang on to those precious fat reserves. You need a calorie controlled whole food diet and a good fitness programme. The exercises you do must be done slowly with good form, rushing and cheating on exercises by having the incorrect form will only result in injury. By all means if you can go fast and keep perfect form with the full range of motion then carry on, if not go back to basics and get it right from the start. Bootcamp is a great way to kick start your new approach in both of these areas.


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How have you utilised your experience in the Royal Marines and Fire Brigade to fulfil your trainer role?

I believe that we are shaped by everything we do and see. The Royal Marines and the Fire Brigade have both played a huge part in my attitude towards training. In order to be efficient in both of these jobs you must be physically and mentally fit. Over my career I have taken part in many training sessions myself, some of them more gruelling than you can ever imagine. So like subconscious Chinese whispers these experiences are filtered through into the classes that I take as an instructor, but obviously not as tough, unless that's what you want.

How important is nutrition compared to exercise when undertaking a boot camp?

As I mentioned previously, nutrition is very important and you must get it right. You wouldn't run your top of the range sports car on any old fuel would you, so why would you treat your body any different? At Bootcamp the type of food and the amount you eat is even more important than in every day life. Depending on which camp you are doing you are probably hoping to be burning off more calories than you usually do. So you will need to eat the right food types, at the right time in the correct proportion.

Some people may find a fitness holiday intimidating, what would your advice be to them?

For some people the concept of a fitness holiday might be totally new to them, any intimidating thoughts could be based on what they think the holiday will be like as apposed to what it is really like. For anyone that is fearful or intimidated by the idea I would say; don't be. This is a holiday with a difference, you will have time to relax and do all the usual stuff you do on holiday, however if you want to, you can also use this time to learn about health and fitness, and apply it at a pace that suits you. At our Fitness4 Boot camps and Luxury Flexible Fitness retreat, the first day is spent finding out what your motivations, and expectations are. Some people will give themselves tough targets to reach, and our staff will be on hand to help them get there. However if you are more interested in the spa and holistic side of things then that's an option too, which is why we have the Luxury 'Flexible' Fitness retreat option at Buccament Bay.


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What kinds of exercises are included in the strength training sessions and which is your favourite one?

The exercises included in our sessions are often varied; you might find yourself using free weights, body bars or my favorite the ash poles, TRX and tractor tyres. However regardless to the method being used, the muscle groups being worked usually fall into one of the main groups; Legs, arms, Back, Chest and Shoulders. Strength training is a great way to get fit but there is a lot of misunderstanding what it actually is. Ultimately yes, guys might do it to get bigger, and have more defined muscles however there is so much more to it than this. We often do this type of training on Bootcamp to help boost the metabolism and in turn burn fat. This type of training also helps people, both men and women get a tight, toned fitness look through the arms, thighs, butt and stomach, it makes them feel stronger and gives them more energy.

How does the boot camp benefit your clients in the long term?

Boot Camp is just the beginning; Fitness 4 is not only about the physical training, we also try to spend as much time possible educating people on all matters relating to health and fitness. This is the ideal opportunity for people to change their lifestyle, attitudes and behavioural conditions. Boot camp is like passing your driving licence, once you have completed the test/ camp, you will have the necessary skills to go on, on your own. That's why there is a great deal of emphasis placed on self-discipline at camp. Clients stay in touch with us long after they leave and keep us up to date with their progress and new goals, which is great, after all 'Fitness is 4 Life not just for Boot Camp'.

Why is circuit training in particular so good for you?

Circuit training is absolutely brilliant, there are so many variations you can do and not only is it fun but it can be done almost anywhere. It can be adjusted to suit the age, fitness and health of the individual. It is a good way to improve and develop mobility, strength, stamina and endurance. After completing circuit training the individual often feels a huge sense of achievement, especially when they are combined into team games, they really do bring out that competitive edge in people.


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What is the best motivation to have when exercising?

Motivation plays a big part in how well someone does at Boot Camp, but all people are different and therefore motivating people is different from individual to individual. Some people will like the Sergeant major approach being screamed at to push on further and harder, other people will like to be quietly praised, others will have lots of self-motivation and just want to get on with the task at hand. A good tip is to have a focus, or a goal in your mind, it could be fitting into a particular dress or set of trousers, the more visual this image is the more self-motivated you will be. This is all covered in the first day at Boot Camp, and successive motivational talks, seminars and workshops.

Outside of the fitness training programme, what other activities would you recommend at Buccament Bay?

There is so much to do at Buccament Bay, if you are into your sports I would recommend that you make the most of the football, tennis, golf or cricket. Then there is the diving and snorkelling, or if you fancy one of the day excursions I would recommend Dolphin & Whale Spotting or a nice relaxing Sunset Cruise.

What are your top tips for pre-fitness holiday preparation?

Make sure you know what you want to get out of your fitness holiday. Have a think about your goals and what it is that you want to achieve. If you want to lose weight and get fit you might want to start thinking about keeping a food diary, this will give the nutritionist and instructors a lot more information to work on allowing for a more comprehensive assessment. Make sure you take the correct clothing for the climate and adequate footwear. If you are going to be doing a lot of fitness, I would always recommend that you are prepared mentally, this might involve being prepared for a huge change to the way you currently lead your life. Last of all, if you feel that you might have any health concerns or injuries please ask your GP if it is safe for you to take part in the physical activities on offer. If you would like to do some pre fitness holiday training, you might want to find yourself a Personal Trainer.

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