Interview with a Healthy Ageing Expert

Interview with a Cosmetic Medicine Practitioner

Can you tell us about your philosophy and what has inspired you to produce healthier looking skin?

My main aim is on attractiveness. No matter how old you are you want to look and feel your best. This includes physical and mental health. Even cosmetic work must support a healthy lifestyle and add to it.

Why do you think people value the importance of a youthful looking appearance?

Youthful looks are a combination of health and attractiveness. A person will look younger if the person looks healthy. Health comes first, youth and attractiveness is a part of it. To look your best/youngest you will be at your healthiest.

How do you ensure your patients' skin looks natural and healthy after treatment?

Our treatments are minimal if non-invasive and are designed to treat the sun damaging effects of outdoor fun and health pursuing activities. We infuse the skin with anti-oxidants, stimulate collagen production and take away visible signs of sun damage. Our treatments are preventative.

How do your treatments successfully alter sun damage to the skin?

As above: Sun damage causes collagen in the skin to reduce and become thinner. We stimulate the collagen layer and we replace missing collagen. To maintain the results we work with highly concentrated anti-oxidants to prevent, repair and maintain the results. Anti-oxidants are the body's defence against age damage. The more the better Absorbed through food, supplements and topically.

What sort of impact do you think your medi-spa will have at The BodyHoliday in St Lucia?

Holiday makers will be able to "offset" their fun related outdoor activities, golf, tennis, sailing, surfing, snorkelling, etc, with health purporting, safe and immediately visible skin treatments - the perfect mix of health and beauty treatments.


The BodyHoliday spa pool

The Wellness Centre at The BodyHoliday in St Lucia

How do you suggest people should treat their exposed skin whilst on holiday in the sun?

Rather than using 30+ SPF's containing zinc or titanium particles use a 12-15 lotion or oil which should be reapplied every 1-2 hours. Eat plenty of foods high in anti-oxidants, not so difficult with the huge amounts of fruit and vegetables available in the resort. The worst anti-oxidant sappers are grilled bacon, grilled meat, burgers, sausages, cigarettes and alcohol. Less is more here. Use a topical anti-oxidant on all sun exposed areas. In a study people who consumed 30g of tomato puree per day had twice the sun protection! Rich in anti-oxidants.

What would you recommend to people who want to slow down the effects of ageing to the skin?

Sleep plenty, avoid meat, wheat and sugar as far as possible. Moderate exercise, don't go crazy. Don't lie in the sun, get a tan whilst doing something, the tan will fade 2 weeks after your return, the age spots will stay forever. Don't worry be happy; happy people live longer and are more attractive, scientifically proven.

Are there any side effects cosmetic medicine can have on the skin?

Allergic reactions are always possible, everybody's skin is different. Those are usually easy and mild. Our treatments at The BodyHoliday, LeSportin St Lucia are designed for the particular holiday environment and are extremely safe yet effective.

Where do you envisage cosmetic medicine going in the future?

To emphasise a person's health and attractiveness, I hope the alien looks will one day soon become a thing of the past. We want people to look their best not their strangest.


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