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Jessica SepelJessica Sepel

Jessica Sepel is a clinical nutritionist, author and international health and travel expert. She is also the beloved voice behind 'JSHealth', passionately advocating how to achieve a balanced lifestyle through wholefoods and a healthy relationship with food to her vibrant social media community on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Jess is also a regular contributor to Vogue Australia's Spy Style, Well+Good NYC, PopSugar and MindBodyGreen and brand ambassador for CottonOn and Nature's Way Wholefoods and Vitamins. Jess's book The Healthy Life is based on her popular and previously self-published ebook The Clean Life.


Tell us a little about your wellness journey and how it all started.

My wellness journey started when I was in an unhealthy place in my life: I didn’t have a healthy relationship with my body, I didn’t know what living a healthy life meant and I wasn’t aware of what my body needed and the power of food to make me feel good and nourish my body. After struggling with constant fad dieting, poor sleep, high anxiety and low energy I went to study nutrition and started to become aware of how beneficial living a healthy life is after fixing all these problems through supplementation and healthy foods.


What does being healthy mean to you?

To me being healthy is all about balance and eating with moderation. It is about eat wholefoods and all food groups, exercise, good sleep and stress management. Being healthy is about looking after all aspects of yourself, listening to your body, and loving your body.

What is the best piece of health advice you’ve ever given?

Love yourself, live with balance and listen to your body.

What’s your day on a plate like?

7am Wake up and start the day with water and apple cider vinegar
8am Power protein smoothie
11am Carrot sticks with tahini
1pm Sautéed green vegetables, avocado, chicken, sweet potato
4pm 2 rice cakes with avocado and a herbal tea
7pm Miso greens and Japanese salmon

Talk us through your nutrition approach

My approach to nutrition is very much wholefoods based and I like to eat from a variety of food groups. I always aim to have some protein, good fats and lots of vegetables in my meals. I try to eat snacks that are high in protein as these keep you satiated and have slow releasing properties giving you plenty of energy for a long time. I like to stick to the 80/20 rule- so on weekends I can indulge in some red wine or dark chocolate.

We love following your travels. What’s your favourite travel experience?

My husband and I recently went to the Maldives which was absolutely beautiful. I would get up and practice yoga, do walks by the beach, eat nutritious meals, and relax by crystal blue waters every day. Was an absolute dream and so wonderful to share with my husband as I often travel alone.

Any on-the-go health tips you can share?

Plenty of water! Always carry a water bottle with you and a protein rich snack to keep you going between meals and over eating at meal time. This might be a sugar free protein ball or some vegetable sticks!

When travelling, what are the things you’d never leave home without? What’s in your bag?

Always water, some raw nuts, supplements ( eg probiotic), lip balm and my phone!

You’ve been to a lot of wellness retreats – what do you think makes it worthwhile?

I think you make it the most worthwhile for you. Immerse yourself in the experience- learn about the healthy foods you are eating. Become aware of how nourished your body feels and how it responds to rest and destressing. Take these things and remember them for when you come back home in stressful times. These often remind me of why I like to practice yoga or remove myself from my phone and social media

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Lastly, what’s next for you?

At the moment I am working every day on my program making changes as more and more people keep joining and seeing such amazing results. I just want to keep helping them and making new and improved ways to help them live a healthy life! I have a lot of collaborations in the making but nothing to specifically say just yet.. you’ll have to wait and see!


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