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Interview with a Sports Nutritionist and Health Coach

Tell us about the new Spa & Sport Programme at Reads?

Reads hotel is the perfect location for this programme, it has the perfect grounds to train in and is also equipped with a gym. The spa and sport package includes an initial assessment of the client's fitness level and body composition analysis, so I am able to form a programme based around these objectives. Everyone has a different fitness and ability level; this also forms a baseline for the client to measure progress on whilst simultaneously allowing me to address their individual strengths and weaknesses. This is then followed up with an exercise session targeting everything covered in the assessment and combined with what the client is looking to personally achieve. The unique aspect of Reads is that the guests on the programme can adapt my nutritional advice to their dining as Chef Samuel G. Galdon, can produce personalised healthy menus for the guest to enjoy. Reads also offers 2 hour Cookery Master classes which again can be personalised to teach people exactly how you can cook great meals using healthy ingredients ? so they walk away and continue their healthy regimes at home. No excuses for not keeping the weight off for good!

What can your clients expect from their initial nutritional consultation?

They can usually expect to learn a lot! People are so confused today about what they should and should not be eating ? I provide a common sense down to earth approach which people appreciate. I will go through everything that they are eating and drinking on a daily basis and then break down for them exactly what they ARE eating and how they can tweak their diet in order to reach their goals.
We also provide menus, shopping lists and recipes, which are straightforward for them to follow.

How is an individual fitness plan designed?

As mentioned earlier I formulate questions and exercises to build up as much of an overall picture as I can of all the areas of training including injuries, levels of strength and cardio vascular fitness, body composition (how much fat and muscle they are carrying) and how many calories per day they are burning, also what they are eating on a daily basis and what they are looking to achieve with their health and fitness goals ? mainly it's a toned body (thighs, bums and tums and the back of the arms) and to feel and look better about themselves. I then use the latest training techniques like plyometric training used by athletes, Kettlebells, interval training, metabolic training, bits of Pilates and yoga and traditional strength training or a combination of a little of everything to design a specific individual
programme for them. 80% is about nutrition, which is why I spend time going through this with them. They walk away with all the tools they need to reach their goals, it is generally reliant on how committed they are.

Which foods are best for a post workout meal or does this depend on your fitness goals?

Best foods for a post workout meal is dependent on what they want to achieve, for example - athletes in training when they need lots of energy in their muscles have a baked potato, which is great fuel for a post workout. Otherwise for strength training I always recommend the protein sandwich which is a whey protein isolate post training to ensure that muscle mass is not lost or broken down during the training and then a post workout smoothie with whey protein isolate and a teaspoon of honey (organic) which ensures a rapid transit of protein into the muscles ? this should be done within 45 minutes of working out for best affects. People don t realise that in order to get results, fuelling the machine with the highest quality ingredients is essential in order for not only for the body to build and recuperate itself, but to also have energy for the ensuing workout session.

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What are your top 3 nutrition tips for someone working hard to burn fat? 

  • Eat small meals and often. Eat within 30 minutes of getting up even if it is just a protein shake (whey protein isolate). Do not over eat and avoid junk food and trans-fats from processed foods.
  • Drink tons of water
  • Eat nutritious foods, lean proteins, drink lots of water and work out hard!

What are the best foods to keep our energy levels high so we don't feel fatigue before we work out?

It is not so much prior to a workout that's important; it is the day or days leading up to the workout.  Beans ? legumes are a great fuel especially kidney beans, white beans and soy beans, they are a carbohydrate that is full of fibre so not only keeps you full for longer but releases slow sustained energy into the system. Eat as much raw vegetables as you like, juice, sprout and drink tons of water.

What are the biggest nutritional mistakes people make when they work out?

Not eating properly, you need to eat healthy nutritionally balanced foods otherwise you will not get the results you are after and worse you won't have the energy to work out at all. Lean protein, tons of water and stay away from junk food.

Do you have any top tips you can give to make people think more positively about healthy foods, and how to counteract cravings?

If you eat properly you won't get cravings, otherwise it may turn into a binge - but do have a little of what you enjoy. As soon as you prohibit yourself from having something it makes you want it even more, so don't prohibit and just get your head around eating healthy. If you have a strong enough reason why, and you set time bound specific measurable goals you will be focused on a path to get to a destination. Everyone falls off the bandwagon once in a while but the most important thing is brushing yourself off and getting back on again.

Life is a journey ? try not to get fixated on the perfect physical ? we are all different shapes and sizes, focus instead on being healthier, fitter, a good role model for the younger generation and living life to the max. Everything you eat is recycled into your body. ? Your bones, blood, muscles, organs, and fat, you are what you eat, I always hear people complain about those who seem to be able to eat exactly what they want ? but this is impossible and eventually our lifestyle catches up with us. Enjoy your food, but see it as everything counting towards what you are ? strong bones, nice skin and a healthy heart.


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