If you’re looking for a life-changing and invigorating detox and fitness holiday, Phuket Cleanse in Thailand will deliver. With regular scheduled fitness and yoga activities including Muay Thai, yoga, Pilates, TRX, aqua-aerobics, zumba and beach bootcamp you are sure to find something to suit your fitness needs to help you get active and get healthy. Detox with raw vegan cuisine and detox juices and learn how to lead a healthier lifestyle with raw food cooking classes and health and nutrition master classes. In between fitness classes you can choose to unwind at the sauna, ice bath, meditation classes and therapeutic daily massages for a complete wellness experience at this boutique Thai retreat.

Programmes at Phuket Cleanse

7 NIGHTS FROM £1,610 pp Other durations available
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Location Overview

Phuket Cleanse is situated in Rawai – in the south of Thailand’s tropical island of Phuket, 45minutes drive from Phuket International Airport. Phuket is a leading health and fitness destination, and Rawai is fast becoming the Raw Food Capital of the World thanks to Phuket Cleanse.

The resort is located in a tranquil residential location just a short walk from a bustling high street, and three beautiful beaches – Yanui, Ao Sane, and Naiharn Beach. Naiharn Beach is located in one of the most beautiful bays in Phuket, south of Kata Noi Beach and north of Promthep Cape – Phuket’s most famous viewpoint overlooking the sea.


Phuket Cleanse is an organic, plant-based nutrition program that teaches you strategies on how to eat better and how to get your immune system built up strong through diet, physical exercise, and educational courses.

The raw food cuisine gets glowing reviews from all guests. The nutritional aspect of the resort is a key component - you are encouraged to explore your relationship with food, and to expand your horizon by learning about raw foods and juicing. You will learn what it means to be a more optimal alkaline state and how this affects your health, plus you will discover a new world of super foods.

You can expect to learn all about the health benefits of eating raw food and how to prepare your own at home with helpful cooking classes for you to take forward after you leave.

Facilities & Services


Thai Style Villa and Resort
Herbal Steam Room & Ice Bath
Salt Water Swimming Pool
Communal Dining Room
Meditation Room
Gym (off-site)


Complimentary Wi-Fi
Green clean laundry service
Bottled water and post-workout recovery protein shakes
Luggage storage



Accommodation Overview

Phuket Cleanse extends across a large modern Thai style villa, a brand-new set of extension rooms, and a new Guesthouse that is also used as the Education Centre. The resort is yours to enjoy during your stay – relax in the stunning saltwater swimming pool, in the gardens, or by the tranquil pond.

You'll also find a large dining room, lounge, meditation room, and outdoor space where meditation, yoga, energy rejuvenation and various other classes are hosted.

It is important that guests feel totally relaxed whilst at Phuket Cleanse. You're encouraged you to get some sun, and jump into the ice bath, Far infrared sauna and steam sauna to aid recovery and promote your rejuvenation.





- Workshops and Master Classes
- Cooking Demonstrations
- Group classes
- Outdoor workouts
- Meditation and Energy Rejuvenation Sessions
- Ocean Therapy
- Day Trip to Thanyapura Sports & Leisure Centre
- Island Trip on a traditional Thai Long-tail Boat, with Snorkelling & Picnic Juices included

Wellness Facilities

Phuket Cleanse offers a range of therapies which as well as helping you relax also assist in the detox process by encouraging circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system. With a range of facials and body scrubs on offer as well as handmade organic therapy products for you to take home there are indulgent treatments available to suit everyone.

The Thai Herbal Steam Room, Ice Bath, and the Saltwater pool are all located at the heart of the resort and free to use throughout your stay. Your complimentary daily oil or Thai massages (4 evenings per week) can be provided in the comfort of your bedroom or by the pool.

Wellness Approach

The Phuket Cleanse team aim to help you detox naturally through raw food and fitness classes with an emphasis on eating well and being active.

Phuket Cleanse's philosophy is that of an ‘active cleanse'. The idea is that your body detoxes naturally through a choice of good, wholesome, organic food, and through smart, well-planned fitness protocols. The fitness sessions and hot yoga will get you sweating, while the detox supplements and herbal steam saunas will further enable the detox and cleansing process. The organic superfood nutrition will rebuild your system, and your body will be reshaped through the sculpting workouts.

Added Value

Exclusive for Health and Fitness Travel guests

  • 1 x VIP Muay Thai training session (per person)
  • 1 x Spa treatment (facial, body scrub etc) (per person)
  • 1 x Body composition assessment (per person)

Special Offers

Special Rates Available

Guests will need to switch rooms and discounts vary. Ask for more details.
Valid for stays in April

Our Reviews

  • Samantha’s Snapshot Review of Phuket Cleanse

    There is a lot on offer at Phuket Cleanse, once you arrive, you’ll meet with one of the expert team and they’ll recommend an itinerary to suit your preferences and goals. There are even more inclusions on offer when you arrive but they’ll help you cut through the overwhelm...

  • Adam’s Review of Phuket Cleanse in Thailand

    After opening its doors in 2012, Phuket Cleanse has very quickly become the go-to place for an all-encompassing fitness and detox holiday. Unlike other detox retreats, Phuket Cleanse has a strong focus on complementing a raw food or juice detox with fitness and organic supplements. Designed to be structured, everything is laid out for you so you can do as many of the activities as possible. ...

Guest Reviews

  • Lindsay N

    Visited January 2014

    I really do think this is one of the best trips I've ever had and even more so because it came at such a perfect time for me personally. Its not a one-time place where you go and don't think back as 'that was fun'.

    Its just the opposite - its the start of something. You learn about so much about nutrition, anti-aging (and how it works down to a cellular level), exercise and balance that you leave genuinely wanting to be mindful at taking better care of yourself going forward.

    Location wise, the villa is in a nice neighbourhood about an 8 minute walk to the main street. There you could easily pop into the pharmacy, 7-11, ATM, mani/pedi, etc. The Raw Fitness Gym (owned by PC) was about a 10 minute drive from the villa on the main street. Open air (covered rooftop) and perfect for a day's workout. Lots of boxing bags and cross-fit type of equipment on site for the various classes. The drive to Hot Yoga (Kata Beach) is about 20 minutes, but a beautiful drive at that. We walked there one morning (1hr 15min) before class - recommended for the views.

    If someone wants to take charge of their life and do a self-improvement sort of holiday, this is the place. Its not a 'relaxing' place to pamper yourself like a lot of other luxury / pretentious spas, and there's honestly not a lot of down time (unless you opt out of all the activities, exercises and talks but that would defeat the whole point). It really is what you make out of it. I put in my all because I didn't want to miss a beat. I friend almost all work-out classes. However, there were a few people who decided to do just a few classes a day so they could enjoy the beach, read/relax or go on a longer bike ride. They enjoyed that just as much. At the end of the day, its really up to the individual to decide how much and what they want to do. One thing I think we could all agree on was that it was never boring.

  • FlyGlobetrotter, Trip Advisor Review

    Visited December 2013

    What can I say? In short, this is the best place for recharging your batteries. From the food and exercise classes, to all the recovery options like ice bathing, infrared sauna, and steam sauna, I feel both relaxed and full of energy at the same time.

    Simply stated, the staff is amazing. Melanie is full of information on everything from raw foods preparation to anti-aging strategies, and a lot more. The other guests were awesome, and while they were full (20 customers during my stay), it really enhanced the experience for me. I just read the previous review and don't understand at all why this guest would be anything less than fully pleased. The guests only serve to make the experience more enriching. I was there with everyone from college students to a British Knight. Yes, a Knight, good sir. 

    Trust me. Phuket Cleanse is a life-changing experience. The staff really was extraordinary, and totally committed to each guest and his or her personal goals.

    Regarding the guest rooms, the new Extension rooms are opened. And my friend stayed in one of those rooms. I stayed in the main villa, as I like to be close to the action. I like to be close to Melanie and pick her brain about everything from plant-based nutrition to things like hormesis training (shocking the body and turning on some of those anti-aging genes). It does not get any better than this.

  • sunshiney1, Trip Advisor Review

    Visited December 2013

    Everything was just fantastic! Mel and her team were energetic, supportive and just fabulous! Special shout out to Phil!!!

    I was some what tentative about eating raw food for a week but they were delicious and so creative that it was hard to believe everything was made with raw food.

    They offer great variety of exercises classes with fun/encouraging instructors so everyday was unique and provided an opportunity to try out new things. 

    My week at Phuket Cleanse was rewarding in so many ways to list all here but to name a few: met amazaing people from all of the world, learned to nourish my body and mind in loving and family like envionrment and positive energy from everyone.

  • Millymoo999, Trip Advisor Review

    Visited December 2013

    From the moment I arrived I was made to feel welcome and to feel a part of something special. 

    Mel and the staff at Phuket Cleanse were amazing and always available to give handy hints and tips.

    A special shout out to Phil who made my experience so much better than it ever could have been. A true devotee to health and fitness. Being around Phil just made me want to push harder and to try and be better and this really paid off for me.

    We were straight into it from day 1 – A 90 minute hike followed by 90 minutes of hot yoga. From then on I was involved in many different classes including muay thai, boot camp, boxfit, pilates, Tabata, TRX, cardio tennis, born to run, parkour etc. I am quite passionate about fitness and generally quite fit but one thing I will mention is that some of these classes really challenged me physically and mentally, which I absolutely loved.

    Now let me talk about the food. I am a vegetarian so switching to raw vegan didn’t seem like a massive issue. What I wasn’t ready for was how much I enjoyed the raw vegan menu and how much better my body was running after a few days of just eating the raw food. I had so much energy, it was amazing. I dropped about 6kg in the first week (training about 4 times a day). My aim was never to drop weight, it was simply to cleanse and be healthier and happier, which is definitely what I achieved from this retreat.

    I have done many fitness/detox retreats but this is the only one that I walked away thinking that I really wanted to change something in my life. I wanted to feel this amazing all the time!! When I left Thailand I felt energised, refreshed, thoughful and with a new found passion for muay thai training!

  • Lucienne C, Trip Advisor Review

    Visited November 2013

    My friend and I were looking for a detox holiday, but I wanted one that was not just fasting and sitting by a pool. I wanted one that would challenge me both physically and mentally, one that I could maintain when I got home.

    Phuket cleanse was that and more! The food was incredible, I lost weight and felt amazing. But I think it was Melanie's enthusiasm and knowledge that will stick with me. She has such a passion for everything she teaches. The whole program is well done,the trainers are amazing. I never thought I would be able to exercise as much as I did, let alone on raw food and juices but you never know what you can achieve till you try! But I think it s the friends that you make at phuket cleanse that are what makes it so unique, everyone has a common goal and is there to support you, especially when you dont think you can handle the ice bath a second longer. I hightly recommend Phuket cleanse to anyone that wants a challenge, and opportunity to leave there comfort zone. Oh and the daily massages are incredible!

A Tour of Phuket Cleanse (2015)

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