• How Can an Osteopath Help You With Lower Back Pain?

    How Can an Osteopath Help You With Lower Back Pain?


    Lower back pain can come about as a result of many different lifestyle factors such as poor posture, frequently bending forward (usually whilst looking at our phones or laptops), heavy lifting or degenerative conditions such as arthritis. In this latest blog, I’ll detail how and when an Osteopath can help you to combat lower back pain as well as offering some helpful tips to hopefully prevent you from needing to see one in the first place!

  • How to Beat Back Pain

    Maureen Cromey

    by Maureen Cromey

    An Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Expert

    Many years ago when I first started training as an acupuncturist it was considered an unusual career choice; it wasn’t fashionable, just odd. I'd be introduced to people with a knowing nod, “Oh you're the lady with the pins” swiftly followed by, “Do you think it works?” Then the softener, “My Mum (or ex-girlfriend or Aunty) had acupuncture for their back and THEY FELT BETTER, it worked. In fact, it has never been a problem since”.  

  • How to Beat Back Pain

    Matthew Powell

    by Matthew Powell

    A Body Aware Specialist

    Well, there’s no really easy way to say this, but this month I’m cutting to the chase. 4 times out of 5 the problem with our backs is our fronts, especially in men. Excess weight around the abdomen puts a huge amount of strain on the back and often leads to postural change in the form of lordosis – lower back arching.

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