Corporate Wellness Retreats


As the leading specialists in tailor-made healthy holidays worldwide, we are passionate about creating a positive and healthy working environment where employees and companies thrive. Whether escaping on a solo wellness holiday to de-stress and unwind or embarking on a group fitness retreat to build inter-team relations our corporate wellness holidays offer the best in luxury service and destinations, for healthy and happy professionals.

Why your business would benefit from corporate wellness holidays:

In today’s fast-paced working environment, long hours and heavy workloads have lead to increasing levels of stress and tension in the workplace. Our specialist healthy holidays offer the ideal solution in creating the opportunity to completely detatch from the stress and strain of your daily routine and focus on your health and well-being, returning back to work rejuvenated and focused.

From learning about healthy nutrition, to providing tailor-made fitness regimes, our wellness holidays encourage take-home practices and healthy-living lifestyles to make positive changes that will boost energy-levels, productivity and positivity in the workplace long-term.

With corporate wellness holidays offering a whole host of benefits, from greater staff loyalty to a more positive work ethic and increased productivity, investing in workplace wellness will benefit not only individual employees but the success of the company as a whole.

What types of holidays do Health and Fitness Travel offer?

Give your body the break it deserves, even when you're short on time, with our exclusive 3 night BodyBreaks™ in Europe. Our five star healthy breaks offer the perfect time away for fitness, relaxation and a change of scenery. Recharge your mind and body with various activities, including personal training, spa treatments and group exercise classes, from hiking to yoga, to return to work feeling restored and renewed.
Offering a long-term solution and an escape from the daily grind, with an all-encompassing approach covering diet, exercise and lifestyle management, our stress management wellness retreats are designed to manage stress long-term through specific lifestyle changes.With renewed energy and a healthier outlook, return reinvigorated, motivated and ready to tackle the next big project.
Opt for a positive lifestyle change by increasing your health and fitness with our exclusive Fusion Fitness™ holidays, helping to boost your immune system and productivity. With classes and activities range from circuit training to mountain biking and yoga to ocean kayaking, tailor-make your ideal escape with your favourite treatments and acitivites. These holidays are designed to feel life-changing whilst having fun and remaining results-driven.
Unhealthy diets and the stress of daily work life often leads to build up of debilitating toxins within our bodies. Cleanse and revitalise your system on our focused detox holidays with a programme of healthy nutrition, detoxifying spa treatments and expert wellness consultations. Return home rejuvenated for a fresh start with benefits such as improved mental clarity, reduced stress, better digestion and a stronger immune system.
From networking in paradise on a group golf retreat or tennis holiday, to escaping on your own on a cycling break or surfing holiday, keep active around the world with our diverse sports holidays. A fantastic way to boost morale and practice team building whilst enhancing individual health and fitness, make the most of having the time to enjoy a range of sports in luxurious destinations worldwide.
Whether travelling solo or on a group retreat, yoga and other meditative exercises can provide a much calmer way of uniting your workforce, through stimulating the mind and learning the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Beneficial for stress relief, pain relief, increased brain power and self esteem, our yoga holidays offer private tuition and group yoga classes. Suitable for first-timers and dedicated yogi lovers alike, experiment with a range of practices, from Bikram to Asthanga.
Our executive coaching holiday programmes are designed specifically for executives and include detailed lifestyle evaluations, nutritional and fitness coaching. All programmes are delivered to ensure that your executive team can perform at the top of their game and achieve peak performance in the workplace. Programmes range from weekends away to seven days or longer to achieve maximum results and sustain long-term performance in the future.
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