How Long Does it Take to Fly to…?

Keen to escape on a healthy holiday but not sure how long the journey will take? Whether you dream of India, St Lucia, Bali or Italy, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our vast selection of destinations. Now’s the chance to treat yourself, as we outline flights around the world from London (either direct or with minimal changes/connecting flights) and transfer times to your chosen retreat, ready to help you travel the world in health and wellness.
Bali17 hours, 15 minutes
India9 hours
Philippines15 - 18 hours
Sri Lanka10 hours, 30 minutes
Thailand13 hours
Vietnam14 hours
Antigua8 hours, 15 minutes
St Lucia8 hours, 50 minutes
Turks & Caicos11 hours
Dominican Republic9 hours, 15 minutes
Austria2 hours
Croatia2 hours, 40 minutes
Cyprus4 hours, 25 minutes
France2 hours, 5 minutes
Greece3 hours, 45 minutes
Iceland3 hours, 10 minutes
Italy2 hours
Lithuania2 hours, 45 minutes
Montenegro2 hours, 48 minutes
Portugal2 hours, 50 minutes
Spain2 hours, 30 minutes
Switzerland1 hours, 50 minutes
Turkey4 hours
Maldives11 hours, 35 minutes
Mauritius12 hours
Morocco3 hours
South Africa11 hours, 30 minutes
Costa Rica12 hours, 30 minutes
Florida9 hours
Galapagos12 hours, 15 minutes
Oman7 hours
Qatar6 hours, 45 minutes
New Zealand24 hours
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