Top Tips for Your First Singles Holiday Travelling Solo

From worries of being lonely, to fears for your safety, travelling solo can seem an incredibly daunting prospect. But to build these fears up in your mind to the point of no return would be to miss out on one of the most life changing travel experiences available. With a rise in solo travel and singles holidays increasing every year and many solo travellers conquering their fears to become addicted to this gloriously selfish mode of travel, there really is no reason to put it off.

Set your mind at ease and experience solo travel to its fullest potential with our helpful top tips for your first singles holiday.

Learn to like your travelling companion…You!

However clichéd it sounds, travelling solo is the perfect way to find yourself. Bringing yourself closer to you, you’ll come to understand yourself as never before; your weaknesses and more importantly your strengths. As you break away from the comforts of home and stresses of everyday life, you lose the excuse for not embracing life at every opportunity. Instead, you push yourself to your limits and break your own boundaries.

Travelling alone does not mean travelling lonely


For many about to embark on a solo holiday the idea of travelling alone is a scary prospect, however, with our wide range of group classes and activities on offer, travelling solo is far from lonely. By travelling solo on one of our singles holidays you are already broadening opportunities and heightening the possibility of chance encounters. By opening yourself up to a wider world of possibilities, you’ll find yourself embracing situations you never thought you could, alongside new friends from different walks of life and corners of the world.

Don’t dine and hide with room service


Avoiding the prospect of dining solo by using room service every night is a tempting option for many first-time solo travellers, but don’t dull down your culinary experience by hiding away. A great opportunity to meet other intriguing solo travellers, many of our wellness retreats even offer singles only dining tables as an easy way of bringing solo travellers together. Whilst delving in to the culinary delights on offer you’ll most certainly be able to strike up a conversation; making dining alone an incredible social experience.

Forgo Facebook, if only for a little while

Constantly checking on the latest social media updates seems a tad unnecessary when you could be gazing across some of the most stunning landscapes the world has to offer with our luxury health retreats in worldwide destinations. Of course, keep in touch with family and friends to let them know you’ve arrived safely (and include the odd post of your own to make them all insanely jealous) but why not leave your phone in your room for the day and take the time to really disconnect.

Be realistic about the dangers, but don’t stress over them

Researching the country or area you are travelling to can be the perfect tonic for calming the nerves if it’s your first time travelling solo. Yet, whilst learning a little of the local language and customs can help you to feel prepared, there is no need to sweat the small stuff with our luxury singles holidays. All of the staff at our wellness retreats will do their very best to make you feel welcome in every way and are always on hand to offer advice on the local area, should you wish to explore further afield. Furthermore, with the option of private transfers available with the majority of our singles holidays, you can relax in the knowledge that you will be safely delivered to and from the airport, direct to your wellness retreat door.
If you are now feeling more confident about embarking on your first solo travel experience, begin your journey with our healthy singles holidays.

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