• Paradis Plage Bans Single-Use Plastic

    Paradis Plage Bans Single-Use Plastic


    Paradis Plage in Agadir, Morocco's first eco-resort has become the first hotel in Morocco to ban all single-use plastic. 

  • Rebecca's Review of SwaSwara, India

    Review of SwaSwara, India

    What is SwaSwara and who’s it for?

    The eco-friendly haven of SwaSwara in India oozes a wonderful feeling of peace and quiet throughout. It is ideal for anyone looking to unwind in a tranquil and natural beach setting, to focus on yoga, meditation and Ayurveda as well as enjoying delicious healthy eating.  As a member of the CGH Group of retreats, the themes that run throughout SwaSwara are: clean, healthy and green.

  • The Best Eco-Friendly Retreats for a Sustainable Wellness Holiday

    Aro-Ha Eco Resort

     Airport transfers, the flights themselves, the huge resort complexes sporting bright lights and cheap drinks, make holidaying a worrying increase on our carbon footprints. Even excluding carbon emissions, the construction of large hotels contributes to the despoiling of natural beauty and produces tonnes of waste. Travel though need not be as detrimental to the environment, there are now eco-friendly and sustainable wellness holidays to counter the more carbon heavy traditional holiday.

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