• The Best Sports Holidays in Europe

    Calling all fitness enthusiasts! Take a look at our best sports holidays in Europe to discover which are the most exciting destinations to explore on the continent. There is a sporting adventure perfect for your individual health goals, as each European wellness destination offers a tailor-made fitness programme to ensure you can pursue the sports you are most attracted to. Whether you are interested in water sports like surfing and scuba diving or keen to perfect your sporting passions in the sun on world-class golf courses, tennis courts and more, there is certainly a sports holiday to suit everyone regardless of age, interest or ability. If you are looking for a fun and exciting sports retreat with your family or are planning to travel solo, there is no need to travel far, with the best sports holidays in Europe offering a wide range of sporting activities to keep you more than satisfied.

  • The Top Golf and Spa Resorts in the World

    The Top Golf and Spa Resorts in the World


    In the wonderful world of luxury travel and tourism you come across some interesting holidays that combine seemingly disparate niches to form holidays of questionable appeal. However, the overlap between golfing and spa holidays certainly doesn’t fit into this category, combining all the benefits of a golfing retreat and a spa retreat allows a respite for you to indulge yourself and relax in between long sessions honing your skills on the course making you a more formidable golfing opponent ready to give your golfing buddies a run for their money.

    If this sounds appealing to you, you’re in luck because there are some many luxury resorts in the world that fit the description perfectly, let us walk you through a few of our top spa and sports retreats picks for golfers. 

  • Top 10 Educational Holidays for a Learning Experience

    Offering an educational escape away from the stuff confines of classrooms, we round up our 10 best educational learning holidays. From mastering stand-up paddle boarding upon the azure waters of Ibiza, to learning how to manage stress in the tranquillity of India’s Himalayas, these healthy escapes offer the opportunity to learn a new skill that will enhance your life long after your holiday tan has faded.

  • Top 10 Healthy Summer Holidays in Europe

    Why waste time lying around on a fly-and-flop holiday when you could invest in your well-being by embarking on a healthy summer holiday at one of our luxurious destinations around Europe.

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