• Why Thailand is the Best Destination for Yoga and Culture

    Why Thailand is the Best Destination for Yoga and Culture



    Life comes in waves, we have beautiful moments where we are at complete peace with ourselves and feel like we are on top of the world, and then there are times when we feel we need to reset the balance between our mind, body and soul. Jetting off on a healthy getaway to escape our daily modern routines to focus on our overall wellness always works wonders.

    Thailand is known as the ‘land of a thousand smiles’ and for good reason. From its world-renowned southern beaches to the rich colours of the architecture, it is an idyllic setting for a yoga & culture holiday. Picture delving into a sunrise yoga session overlooking sweeping green hilltops in a realm influenced by Buddhist philosophies of kindness, followed by an afternoon of adventure exploring a city and beautiful temples. Dive into transformational energy, encompassed by culture, surreal landscapes, and ancient yoga practices to find a healthier, more holistic lifestyle.

  • Why Yoga is Good for Men

    Why Yoga is Good for Men

    Despite yoga being created by men, for men, it’s still seen as predominantly a woman’s activity. It takes a brave man to walk into a class full of women but the health benefits of yoga far outweigh this initial worry. So if you are looking to escape on a dedicated yoga holiday or start small with weekly lessons, here is our comprehensive guide to why yoga is good for men.

  • Why You Should Book a Yoga Holiday


    Are you feeling om-verwhelmed and in need of a vacation that allows you to unwind and relax your body and mind? Look no further than a yoga holiday! It's not your typical getaway; instead, it offers a transformative experience that can revitalise your entire being. Let's delve into why booking a yoga holiday should be at the top of your bucket list and how it can bring a profound positive shift to your life.

  • Why You Should Go on a Yoga Retreat

    two people practicing yoga on a retreat


    I love yoga, I love holidays, I love nourishing food, time spent with a book, the chance to unwind… and when you bring that all together you have yourself a yoga retreat. So, if you are sat on the fence and thinking about whether or not a retreat is for you let me share a few words of encouragement… 

  • Yoga & Pilates Holidays: Top 10 Retreats

    Rejuvenate the body, calm the mind, heal the spirit and restore your body’s natural balance on our yoga and Pilates holidays. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert you can be sure to find the perfect yoga and Pilates retreat that suits you from our hand-picked list of destinations.Take in views of the stunning snow-capped mountains of Austria on a revitalising yoga holiday or escape to the beautiful sun-kissed island of Ibiza instead; wherever you wish to travel take inspiration from our 10 best yoga and Pilates holidays.

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