Beat the Winter Blues

Scott Baptie

by Scott Baptie

a Fitness & Sports Nutrition Expert

If you are like me, then in the last month you will have enjoyed a splash of wine, a serving of Christmas pudding and a few super-sized servings of turkey. If you are feeling guilty about it, don’t. There is no point dwelling on what you have already eaten. This is a new month, a new year, a new chance to revitalise your nutrition and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

One thing I must say is don’t make a dramatic u-turn and “go on a diet”. I don’t like the term “diet”. Diets are associated with restriction. You go on a boat, you go on holiday, you go to work...all of these things have set end points. If you “go on a diet” then the chances are you will come off it. Don’t go on a diet, just try to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some tips that can help you create your own healthy nutrition plan.

Go organic

For starters when choosing your food, go for organic, free range and grass fed meat and produce. If you choose organic food then there are fewer toxins and chemicals in the produce, thereby your intake of unnatural chemicals, which certainly do nothing to contribute to your health and well-being, is reduced. Organic food also tastes better - fruit tastes sweeter, vegetables taste fresher and meat tastes richer. Free range, grass fed animals also are far healthier, happier, leaner and fitter than their mass produced, battery and industrial brothers and sisters.

Increase protein intake

Try increasing your protein intake. Protein has more of a thermic effect in comparison to fats and carbohydrates. This means that protein requires more energy to digest, therefore it will keep you feeling fuller for longer and your body will utilise more energy to digest it. So if you are looking to shed a few Christmas pounds then think about increasing your protein intake by eating more lean meat and fish and cutting back on refined, unnatural carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rolls, biscuits etc.

Eat more real food

lean, green and marine” – Darin Steen

"If it doesn’t fly in the air, swim in the sea, live in a field or is a green vegie then don’t eat it." – Charles Polloquin

Eat more natural, unprocessed, organic, fresh real food for fitness. If you cut back on your artificial food intake, limit your grains, reduce your sugar consumption, eat fewer foods that come in packets, eat more lean meats, eat more green vegetables then you will feel the difference! I am confident that if you follow my suggestions you will find you have increased energy, better sleep, improved focus and concentration, increased performance and be able to lose fat and generally look and feel great. Give your body a post-Christmas present!


Scott Baptie

Scott Baptie (MA Hons) is a fitness and sports nutrition advisor and owner of www.FoodForFitness.co.uk. Scott offers nutritional consultations both online and in person from his base in Aberdeen.

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