Scott Baptie

by Scott Baptie

Fitness & Sports Nutrition Expert

How can you increase your longevity and lead a more healthy, energetic and active life?

The theme of this article is "longevity" so let's take a look at how increased consumption of fruit and vegetables can provide you with an abundance of vitamins to specifically promote longevity and keep you fit and healthy as you age.

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Justine Glenton

by Justine Glenton

An Ashtanga & Zen Yoga Teacher

Yoga was designed in part to give the ancient yogis a healthy body so they could live long enough to advance spiritually as far as they possibly could.

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Matthew Powell

by Matthew Powell

A Body Aware Specialist

I think the ambiguity of the question is its beauty. It could mean so many things.
It could pertain to stamina, or height, or your powers of concentration. I am going to look at life however, and how to improve your chances of a longer one.

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Maureen Cromey

by Maureen Cromey

An Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Expert

Extending our life has always been the Holy Grail of medicine.  Longevity is an empty prize without good health and contentment to enjoy these extra years of life.

Modern research has just started to recognise that there is a strong connection between lifestyle and longevity,  quality of life and life expectancy.

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Sarah Brewer

by Dr. Sarah Brewer

A Nutritionist and Doctor

Why do some people cruise past the age of 100 while others struggle to embrace their Biblically-allotted three-score years and ten?

Centenarians have an unusually lucky combination of genes that mean they stay healthier, for longer, as they age. They are often more resistant to the degenerative changes that contribute to ageing, and are less likely to be significantly overweight, to smoke, or to drink alcohol in excess. The combination of healthy genes and healthy lifestyle mean their extended years are spent living independently, with an agile body and mind.

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