Paul Joseph

by Paul Joseph

Co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel

If you have ever experienced a knock to your self-esteem, you’ll know the feeling of losing faith in yourself. However, hope is not lost! The key to building self-image is to turn your gaze inward, to look internally and not be motivated materially by expensive cars, good looks and perfect bodies. Ultimately it comes down to confidence! Many of us admire people who are confident, in control and comfortable in their skin.  I admire people who move through life with ease, dealing effortlessly with any hardships that come their way. While I put these people on a pedestal, it’s important to remember that nobody is perfect and that everyone has flaws.

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Maureen Cromey

by Maureen Cromey

An Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Expert

“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself one doesn’t need others approval. Because one accepts oneself the whole world accepts him or her.”  
- Lao Tzu

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Toby Maguire - A Taoist Master

by Toby Maguire

A Taoist Master

Although there can be many different reasons for low self-esteem, it is important to realise that what has happened to us in the past should not be a hindrance to how we perceive ourselves in the present or in the future. Although people may think that their circumstances have caused them to think the way they do and they are helpless to change it, with just a little bit of effort and mindfulness, this can change.

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Angie Newson

by Angie Newson

A Yoga and Pilates Expert

Yoga offers us wonderful benefits: simply put - improved flexibility, enhanced strength, defined body tone and the chance of relaxation - even if it's only ten minutes' peace and quiet at the end of a class (and for some, a little snooze time!) However the more you practise, the more you'll learn that yoga is so much more than this. Yoga, amongst many other things, can help build self-esteem and confidence and is a brilliant tool to cultivate inner calm and peace, self-acceptance and self-worth.

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Sarah Brewer

by Dr. Sarah Brewer

A Nutritionist and Doctor

Self-esteem, or learning to appreciate your own value, starts forming early in life, and is of the most important things a parent can help their child to learn. How? By praising their children so they learn to value their achievements. And when it comes to encouraging pride and self-respect in your children, therapists recommend the following.

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