Healthy Ageing

Steve Halsall

by Steve Halsall

A Celebrity Personal Trainer

The hands of time wait for no one, that’s for sure. Our world is increasingly obsessed with the need to look younger and it is looking like people are prepared to go to extremes to achieve this. My view is that we will look back on the ‘botox generation’ in horror and they will be cast into the archives of history like some kind of freak show. I am sure having eyebrows like Jack Nicholson and a large shiny forehead may look attractive in limited cases but essentially, people are kidding themselves. It is not just women who fall victim of the rogue dentists with syringe in hand, but men are also increasingly morphing into TOWIE extras with spray on tan and all. The passing of time, like it or not, is much harder on women. They are under more pressure to keep young and beautiful, to stave off the younger secretary and the live-in Swedish au pair. Men are under pressure too, but find it easier to develop the aphrodisiac of a fat wallet to take the pressure off their fading looks.

It all boils down to sexual attraction and somewhere along the way, younger people have become symbols of fantasy and aspiration; though most young, attractive people do not know it and have all the insecurities of youth. In saying all of that, we all buy into the need to feel and look younger, myself included. At the ripe old age of forty-seven, I love the fact I look ten years younger (allegedly).

It has been proven beyond doubt that working out helps the body deliver more of that pesky growth hormone stuff that evaporates year by year. Pushing weights, doing cardio to eliminate toxins, eating natural food and moderating our stimulant intake all conspire to looking, and more importantly, feeling younger. Let’s not kid ourselves; as each decade speeds along, our ability to keep up with the younger folk can diminish. Hangovers, late nights, the random game of football, all take longer to recover from. The secret is not rocket science; the secret is good habits from an early age. Build a routine and lifestyle that are the foundations for the rest of your life. It is never too late to start and you’ll be amazed at just how amazing you look once you get into the groove of a healthy lifestyle.

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How others perceive you is never how you see yourself, never. How you see yourself is driven by positive energy. Positive energy is derived from good sleep, good food, a good mind set and surrounding yourself with like-minded people. Discipline and focus are worth more to you than an injection of youth serum.

I remember vividly being totally exhausted at the top the ‘Marie Blanc’ after some 2000 metres of climbing on the Etape du Tour. Sitting under a small waterfall, trying to get my head to operate my shattered body, the procession of cyclists drifted past me. There was a cyclist who, by the wrinkles in his eyes, was at least seventy-five years old, yet tanned and fit. He gave me a slow nod of appreciation as he ground his way up the mountain, looking nothing like his age and showing me how it’s done. No secret there, just a life’s love of cycling, getting out and doing it and respecting himself. He was a real inspiration. I now know that cycling will look after me forever. 
So, just say no to botox and love and respect the body you have. It is the only one you have and it is capable of brilliant things. Aging is all about attitude, discipline and not being afraid to challenge yourself into making the right choices most of the time.

  • Push weights
  • Drink water
  • Be careful in the sun
  • Watch the vino, coffee and refine sugar
  • Never smoke
  • And do things that make you happy as stress also ages people dramatically


Steve Halsall

Steve Halsall has worked as a professional trainer for 15 years during which time he has helped 100's of people to make permanent changes. He is a Men's Health magazine celebrity trainer and The Daily Mirror's fitness expert. www.stevehalsall.com


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