Increase your Longevity

Matthew Powell

by Matthew Powell

A Body Aware Specialist

I think the ambiguity of the question is its beauty. It could mean so many things.
It could pertain to stamina, or height, or your powers of concentration. I am going to look at life however, and how to improve your chances of a longer one.

It won’t cause too many epiphonous reactions to begin by quitting smoking, drinking more water, eating more fruit and veg, avoiding over indulgence (alcohol, fats, drugs), and exercising more often. It may surprise you to learn that inactivity will kill you quicker than those who smoke but exercise too.

So what are the other parts of our lives we can focus on, hoping that the above is a fight we are already stepping up to the plate to attack?

1. Eat more fish
I have many clients who won’t eat fish, however our palate is persuadable to almost anything. The Chinese don’t eat spiders, locusts and household pets through proverbial and metaphoric gritted teeth. Palates are predisposed to like sugar, fat and salt, but other flavours are, like anything, practice. Start with something simple, non-offensive and, if you’re a meat eater, meaty; you’re heart will thank you. Monkfish, salmon fillets and swordfish would be my choice.

2. Drink a cup of green tea in the morning and a peppermint tea after supper
The body will appreciate the antioxidising effects of the green tea and the digestive properties of the peppermint.

3. Chiiiiill
Life can be stressful enough, eliminate or overcome the stressors we simply have 
become used to falling prey to. Road rage (perhaps the most futile endeavour in any road user’s life) is a great example of this. I’m not saying you have to constantly bang on about how awesome everything is and what great energy there is in a room, but if you’re British there is a balance to be struck between our innate, acerbic predisposition, and positivity. It’s easy to moan about stuff, challenge yourself to see the sunnier side. Negativity breeds negativity, and it’s offspring we don’t need!

4. Forget about the “what ifs”
Growing up we are constantly aware of our parent’s fascination
with worrying about possible outcomes. This is largely based on life experience, care for their children, and reducing risk. However it can soon impregnate other areas of life needlessly. If you spend a week worrying or stressing about something that might happen, only for it not to happen, you have spent a week unable to burn fat properly, increasing your chances of heart disease and decreasing the quality of your sleep.

5. Sleep! 
Points 3 and 4 will aid your depth, longevity and quality of sleep leaving you 
refreshed, more alert and more positive about things.

6. Smile
As my grandfather would say, “worse things happen at sea”. And they do.

Apply yourself to one, to two, or to all of the above, they won’t just give you longer life, but a more enjoyable one to live.


Matthew Powell

Matthew has managed health and fitness teams and operations in 5 star resorts in the Caribbean and Middle East, run a personal training business for over 15 years and currently owns a fitness consultancy in South Wales and the West. He has worked with celebrities and some of the wealthiest men in the world whilst still keeping his hand in group exercise, teaching Indoor Cycle, Circuits, Fitness Yoga and combat based classes. Follow Matthew on twitter @mattypowell. www.quantumphysiques.co.uk
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