How to Increase Your Longevity

Dr Manuela Figini - Longevity Wellness ResortDr. Manuela Figini

Dr. Manuela Figini is a highly accomplished Medical Doctor at Longevity Wellness Resort in Portugal, with an extensive knowledge in Aesthetic, preventive and ageing management. She has an impressive medical background of 40 years' experience and is the Clinical Director of the Longevity Medical Spa practice, where she is responsible for all the medical aspects of each programme and discipline, covering areas such as acupuncture, ozone therapy and aesthetic medicine. She taught pathology at the College of Nursing, was the resident doctor at Vila Real Hospital, and studied Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgery. She also holds qualifications in Acupuncture, Aesthetic Medicine, Anti- Ageing Medicine and Ozone Therapy



How to Increase Your Longevity

Your medical background is extensive, what was your inspiration in studying Aesthetic, preventative and ageing management?

The main and most important reason is curiosity and enjoying learning the various practices. A second reason, which is just as important, is to seek solutions for the issues that arise in the clinical practice. This is the nature of aesthetical medicine, for example an opportunity to possibly improve the final result of a maxillo-facial dermal filler. The mere fact that in the exposure to new knowledge we can make contact with other realities, which before were unknown, contributes to the quick evolution into anti-ageing, from originally being aesthetical medicine. It's been a logical sequence or evolution.

As the Clinical Director of Longevity Medical Spa, what is the spas main focus and goal?

One of the Spa's main focuses is to assess the client's clinical history, identify and correct imbalances by complimentary in-depth and personalized diagnosis. We collect information about the biophysical state in terms of body composition, metabolic age, biochemical status, stress management, lifestyle habits related specifically to diet, sleep, physical exercise, and mental state, which is normally connected to stress.

A personalized health management plan is designed to address the imbalances using a proactive, integrated approach utilizing both premium natural supplements and anti-ageing treatments. Furthermore, the oxidative stress level is managed as it a key factor responsible for premature ageing. Finally, one's mind balance is addressed with stress management consultations.

A functional nutritional plan is designed using food as a natural medicine, along with a sustainable exercise plan adapted to each person's goals and needs. Empowering tools are also provided to support realistic, practical and healthier lifestyle changes for improving health and longevity.


Longevity Wellness Resort outdoor pilates class

Pilates class at Longevity Wellness Resort

Longevity's wellness programmes include consultations, evaluations and treatments. How can clients benefit from programmes such as Detox and Weight Management?

The 7- day all-inclusive programmes provide guests with the exclusive opportunity of a comprehensive assessment by a multi-disciplinary team of top wellness experts. They comprise of nutritionists, anti-ageing doctors, personal fitness trainers, massage therapists, who as a team collaborate to optimise the client's specific health. Depending on the specific program, the focus of the team encompasses detox, weight management, stress reduction, beauty, fitness and executive recharge. The 7- day program is not a quick fix, it is a total health management coaching program aimed at supporting the person to reach a sustainable optimal health level.

The highly nutritious meal plan, relaxing and detoxifying therapies, anti ageing treatments, relaxing massages, fitness classes, outdoor nature hike, healing waters of Monchique, in combination with the warm personalized attention and care of the staff, allows the client to experience increase wellness, vitality, relaxation, and balance. Clients also benefit from having access to extras and exclusive treatments. These include detox IV therapies, ozonotherapy, oxygentherapy, premium orthomolecular supplements, personalized biochemical tests, food intolerance tests, hormonal profiling, osteopathy, acupuncture, hypnosis, energy psychology, powerplate and TRX.

Anti-ageing therapies work to reduce inflammation, hydrate and oxygenate the cells, release toxins, improve digestive functioning, boost the immune system, improve sleep, balance the detox organs and improve skin tone. Moreover, they monitor and initiate the hormonal balance process, nourish the body with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, calm the nervous system and help to quiet the mind. Clients take home personalised nutritional, fitness and biophysical results and suggestions with the essential tools needed to continue the programme in their daily lives.

Preventive medicine and ageing management are important aspects of the medical spa, what do they entail?

The ageing process cannot be stopped but it can be managed and modified. By optimising our health and wellness potential, we can become more productive, healthy and happy at this later stage of life. This allows not only for a longer life but, in addition, adds quality living to those years. We are the ones responsible for making this conscious choice by adopting a healthier lifestyle. Approximately 75% of healthy longevity is related to our choice of lifestyle with around 15% connected to our genetic predisposition. However, we have the power to delay or suppress the manifestation of certain diseases and about 5% is related to technologically advanced medical cures. For these reasons, a preventive approach that uses a multiplicity of interventions ends up supporting the anti-ageing process, which then serves to add quality years to our lives.

What are the benefits of managing the ageing process?

Managing the ageing process from early on in life allows us to maintain good physical, mental and spiritual health. Furthermore it assists the upkeep of an agile body, strong muscles and bones, an active functional mind and allows us to feel joy and freedom in our bodies. A strong body and sane mind also impacts our life choices, productivity, mobility, relationships and therefore, ultimately the quality of our lives.

Longevity Wellness Resort consultation  Longevity Wellness Resort aesthetic procedure

A medical consultation at Longevity and an aesthetic procedure with Dr Manuela Figini

What can you expect in Aesthetic procedures and what is the importance of Aesthetic medicine?

Aesthetic Medicine at Longevity Medical Spa uses an approach that is minimally-invasive, aimed at maintaining and conserving a natural, healthy and youthful body, facial skin and tissue structure. A range of anti-ageing techniques are used such as Botox and non-permanent dermal fillers. These are of non-animal origin, allergy-free and are scientifically tested and safe. Lasers are used to eliminate wrinkles, broken capillaries and veins, lesions, marks, brown spots, and remodel the skin. Poor diet and lifestyle, stress, pollution, lack of exercise, sun damage, dehydration, poor circulation, all contribute to the skins lost elasticity, collagen, and lead to premature ageing.

Natural skin rejuvenation is also stimulated with collagen and elastin stimulants, namely growth hormone factors extracted from one's own body. Body treatments such as peeling, carboxitherapy, radiofrequency and mesotherapy are efficient in providing effective results and benefits for cellulite, flaccidity and stretch marks. All treatments have been designed to provide a natural, healthy and rejuvenated look whilst maintaining one's personal characteristics and traits. Additionally, anti-ageing treatments help to improve skin's youthful radiance, texture, hydration, oxygenation, circulation and evenness, all of which helps to boost our self-esteem and make us feel more beautiful.

Can you explain what a biophysical evaluation is and how does it help the client?

It's an in-depth evaluation of one's body composition based on a bio impedance reading, which is the conductivity of two low voltage electro-magnetic currents through the body's tissue. Sensors are applied in the lower and upper body, providing the following information:

- Anthropometric evaluation (weight, skin folds, Body mass Index, perimeters)
- Metabolic vs. Chronological age differential. Metabolic age provides information about cellular ageing.  
- Body fat percentage
- Percentage of muscle mass
- Percentage of water (intra and extra-cellular)
- Basal metabolic rate energy expenditure
- Fat distribution across the upper and lower body and limbs
- Cardiovascular variability
- Stress Test

Can you describe Ozone therapy and its benefits?

Ozonotherapy is a medical therapy that uses O3 or Ozone. Medicinal oxygen is converted into O3 using premium quality medical devices which then allow personalised prescribed dosages to be applied to each client. Ozonotherapy is a natural therapy that does not present any side effects. It has a stimulating power on the endogenous antioxidant systems, increasing the anti-stress oxidative enzymes. It is known that oxidative stress is a principal factor responsible for premature cellular ageing with the possible causal effect of the formation of tumor cells. It can also be responsible for the silent inflammatory process. Inflammation is related to diseases such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, joint damage, cancer, diabetes, just to name a few.

Ozonotherapy increases the circulation of oxygen to all cells, strengthens the immune system and the defense systems against pathogens. In addition, it acts as an anti-inflammatory (arthritis, fibromyalgia, herniated disc), analgesic (joint pain, rheumatism), and boosts energy levels. It can be applied subcutaneously, intravenously or to exposed skin. It improves athletes' performance and accelerates the recovery process.

 Longevity Wellness Resort massage therapy

Longevity Wellness Resort massage therapy

How do clients benefit from acupuncture and how often should they be treated?

Traditional Chinese Medicine seeks to balance the energy channels or meridian so that the Chi (energy) circulates freely. From a TCM approach disease manifests due to energy being stuck, depleted, weakened or in excess.

The initial clinical consultation and observation lead to diagnostics related to key organs and respective meridian points. Extra-fine needles are applied in specific points in the body with the aim of balancing and harmonizing the energy flow. It relates to balancing the Yin-Yan duality imbalances, along with elements present in our bodies, organs, meridians, and across the universe. The stimulated points trigger the release of serotonin (pain, depression, anxiety). The released hormones reach central areas of the body including the hypothalamus and pituitary that coordinate the entire neuroendocrine system (related to hypertension, dysmenorrhea, libido), the release of endorphins (feel good hormones and pain sensitivity) and opioids.

Acupuncture is a natural, safe and complementary form of medicine, effectively used for addressing various conditions such as pain management, respiratory diseases and neurological and musculoskeletal disorders. Furthermore it can assist with sleep, immune system function, stress, addictions, phobias, weight issues and smoking. It is very beneficial as the treatment plan is highly personalized and the number of sessions varies from person to person.

What are your top tips for increasing your longevity and living a healthy lifestyle?

Healthy eating habits which are adapted to each person
- Regular physical exercise that is personalized and done in the correct manner.
- Stress management
- Quality sleep
- No smoking
- Natural supplements with antioxidants being a must
- Regular medical monitoring and check ups
- Social relationships that are healthy and provide a source of happiness
- Good self-esteem
- Believe, give and be thankful for feeling like a complete human being

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