• 5 of the Most Successful Corporate Wellness Programmes

    When juggling busy modern day lifestyles with demanding work and family commitments, many of us are left with little or no time to realise what is happening to our health. Technology advances mean work demands are now being carried home making it increasingly more difficult for professionals to switch off from their work life. The inability to relax and unwind is not only detrimental for one’s health, but also detrimental to one’s productivity and ability to focus at work.

  • Can Wellness Retreats Be Affordable?

    Can Wellness Retreats Be Affordable?


    It’s a common misconception that wellness holidays are only for the affluent and elite, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth! With our collection of incredibleaffordable healthy retreats in glamourous destinations such as Spain and Turkey, it’s more than possible to work on yourself without breaking the bank. After all, investing in wellness and self-care is investing in yourself!  

  • The Best 5 Menopause Wellness Retreats

    The Best 5 Menopause Wellness Retreats


    Menopause, a shared experience thatmany women must go through at some point in their life.Yet, so many areleft without the support they need to cope with the symptoms, making this transitional time of life isolating. Juggling work, social and family life whilst also navigating menopausal symptoms can be overwhelming. But you don’t need to suffer and endure this alone. On these retreats you can get the personalised attention you need to better manage the symptoms and with over30 recognised ones for menopause, you can target the ones that effect you.Handle your hormones, say goodbye to exhausting hot flushes, andrid yourself of debilitating mind fog,with a tailored retreat!Without further ado these areour picks for the best 5 menopause wellnessretreats: 

  • Top Singles Holidays in Europe

    Top Singles Holidays in Europe


    With the opportunity to plan your healthy holiday exactly how you want, it is not surprising that solo travel is on the rise. Whether it is to focus on achieving your personal wellness goals or simply to enjoy activities that your usual holiday companions aren’t interested in, travelling solo on a singles holiday means you have no one to think of but yourself. Take some precious ‘me time’ to relax with spa treatments or join in with group fitness classes, as fellow solo travellers help you to push yourself that much harder before you share your sweat stories. You don’t even need to travel far, with healthy singles holidays in Europe offering no shortage of stunning beaches, mountain views and scenic rolling landscapes for a short-haul solo holiday.

  • What is a Wellness Incentive Break

    What is a Wellness Incentive Break


    What is a wellness incentive break you ask? Well, first of all let’s look at what a wellness incentive actually is shall we? A wellness incentive is a strong emotion or desire that impacts the well-being of an individual and can be present in both internal and external forms of motivation. Wellness incentives are often used by employers to promote wellness within their workplaces, to offer rewards and recognition to their employees as a result of hard work and meeting business goals. 

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