The Best 5 Menopause Wellness Retreats

The Best 5 Menopause Wellness Retreats


Menopause, a shared experience that many women must go through at some point in their life. Yet, so many are left without the support they need to cope with the symptoms, making this transitional time of life isolating. Juggling work, social and family life whilst also navigating menopausal symptoms can be overwhelming. But you don’t need to suffer and endure this alone. On these retreats you can get the personalised attention you need to better manage the symptoms and with over 30 recognised ones for menopause, you can target the ones that effect you. Handle your hormones, say goodbye to exhausting hot flushes, and rid yourself of debilitating mind fog, with a tailored retreat! Without further ado these are our picks for the best 5 menopause wellness retreats: 


Menopause & Stress Retreat with Dr Marilyn Glenville at Longevity Cegonha Country Club, Portugal

Mother and daughter preparing healthy food

Looking for a European escape? Disappear to the sensational coast of Portugal’s Algarve nestled next to the shore, be lulled by the sound of the waves as you sit back in the spa between insightful lectures on the menopause, yoga and Pilate sessions and 1:1s with nutritionists. If you need more inspiration for nutritional, yet flavourful food, then cookery demos with the highly qualified Helen Ford will help you to understand the link between nutrition and managing your menopause for positive outcomes. Bring new recipes home for the whole family to enjoy, whilst ensuring that you are supplying your body with the sufficient food it needs for you to feel your best! This retreat focuses on natural remedies to counteract menopausal symptoms, led by the brilliant Dr Marilyn Glenville one of the UK’s leading specialists in women’s health. Amongst the nourishing food, spa relaxation and health consultations, stretch out your muscles and tone up with some deep breathing yoga.  

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Women’s Holistic Health at Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand  

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Five minutes from the beach, situated on the paradisial island of Koh Samui, surrounded by nature, breathe in the exotic air and relax. In the hands of experts that are there to pamper and raise you to your most confident and reassured self – this retreat is a self-affirming, boosting, enriching wonderland! A consultation at the beginning and end of the retreat allows you to not only evaluate your progress throughout the retreat but also be directed in lifestyle consultations on how to implement healthy habits at home. Private yoga, Pilates and fitness sessions will help you to reconnect with and tone up your body whilst drink vitamin induced smoothies will aid in helping to rebalance your hormones. Enjoy luxurious pampering with deep calm foot soaks, infrared sauna sessions, and herbal heat steams to relieve any tension, leaving you feeling wholly relaxed.  

Booking and Information: Absolute Sanctuary 


Menopause at Preidlhof, Italy  

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If you are looking for mental harmony, conjoined with the relief of the undesirable physical symptoms of menopause, then this retreat is for you. Preidlhof, specialise in ancient natural remedies to support both your mental and physical health. In South Tyrol, this Italian paradise will satisfy all areas of your wellness get away desires. From delicious, fresh Mediterranean food to opportunities with a range of classes including laughing yoga, re-energise and release a flood of happy endorphins into your body. Start your day with a glowing flow session, then find your voice, before burying your body in a thermal personalised bath and unwinding with a Hawaiian Healing massage. To refuel your body, indulge in a gourmet seven-course dinner overlooking the beautiful garden’s surrounding the retreat. Return feeling rebalanced and equipped to deal with whatever the menopause throws your way. 

Booking and Information: Preidlhof 


Healthy Ageing Women at SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain  

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We all have our insecurities and it can be hard tackling new ones as we go through life, the desire for the remains of youth and vitality can be prominent. To want to look and feel your best shouldn’t be an ambition to shy away from, at SHA Wellness Clinic, they aim to bring western wellness approaches combined with holistic treatments to not only treat the symptoms of menopause but to also rejuvenate your looks. Lose weight and tackle your sleep loss with this blend of medical and natural remedies targeting the consequences of menopause symptoms to restore your confidence and feel your most beautiful. With a renowned medical spa, and a variety of organic cuisines, this sanctuary is a deep relaxation dream.  

Booking and Information: SHA Wellness Clinic 


Longevity Wellness at Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel, Portugal  

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If you really want to get into the nitty and gritty of your wellbeing and health, then Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel is for you. For the analytical among you that want to understand your bodies responses from the inside out, this retreat includes a full longevity holistic health check that assesses all aspects of your personal wellbeing, with evaluations ranging from your lifestyle, biopsychical, fitness profiles, thermographic assessment, even doing a basic blood analysis. There is not an area of wellness neglected! Prioritising a natural wellness direction, their food is not only highly nutritional, sourced locally and free of any chemicals, but it is also delectable! Enjoy the panoramic views of Alvor bay, workout in the gym, swim in the pool, this retreat really has everything! 

Booking and Information: Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel 

The symptoms of menopause are not to be taken lightly, with over 13 million women peri or post-menopausal in the UK, this is not a unique experience. Share it with others that are experiencing the same transitional time as you. Let your worries slide off your shoulders, breathe, relax, and let experts take care of you. Go home assured in your ability to better tackle your symptoms and feel restored, happy, and elevated as your return to your everyday life.  

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