Where to Go on a Solo Fitness Retreat in the UK

Where to Go on a Solo Fitness Retreat in the UK


If you want to dedicate time to pursuing your own health goals than a solo fitness retreat in the UK could offer the perfect opportunity to kickstart or even level up your fitness journey. For those of you already based here, you’ll enjoy shorter and cheaper travelling costs whilst also having access to state-of-the-art luxurious facilities. Allowing all your focus to be invested in your own wellness ambitions. Life can often get in the way of looking after yourself, whether it is a deeply cathartic detox, an energy release intensive workout, or a countryside escape that you need, our list of solo fitness retreats in the UK covers all bases, read on to find out more! 


Launch Your Fitness Journey: Kickstart Retreat at Grantley Hall  

Running in the countryside 

When your fitness goals have been put on the back burner, the gym membership is lingering in the background and a reimbursement of motivation is needed, take part in Grantley Hall’s Kickstart Retreat. Set in the luscious countryside of North Yorkshire, become one with nature and tour the rural area with access to complimentary bikes available to guests. Fuel your body with a combination of both British Classics and Asian-inspired cuisine. Take a break from exercising, imagine yourself in a scene of Downton Abbey with a traditional British afternoon tea and have your mind soothed with music from a grand piano playing in the background – when you’re not breaking a sweat of course! 

Information and Booking: Grantley Hall 


Deep Cleanse your Body: Detox Retreat at Glass House Detox Retreat 

Three containers for juice with fruit in it

If your head is feeling foggy and you can’t seem to let go of the overhanging cloud of lethargy then a detox is a brilliant way to rid yourself of all those unwanted toxins and pollutants. This retreat provides numerous options for the length of your programme, so you can go for as long of a cleanse as you feel your body needs! With the option to give in your phone, don’t only detox your body but also your mind. Refresh your whole-being and discuss with our experts where you want to direct your retreat with a choice of three fully interchangeable diet plans. Cube Cryotherapy sessions, complimentary access to exercise classes, water aerobics, the list goes on – the perfect place to get back on track with your diet, exercise and wellbeing routine! 

Information and Booking: Glass House 


Scottish Countryside Pursuits: Fusion Fitness at Gleneagles 

 Gleneagles mansion

Set in the serene atmosphere of the Scottish countryside, this wellness get away will re-energise you and push your workout limits. A personal fitness evaluation, then a choice of 4 private 1-on-1 activities/spa treatments of your choice awaits, this retreat is specialised to your desires. Whatever your healthy goals are, Gleneagles is the place to pursue them. At the end of your day, relax in the sauna and dip your body into the divine hot spring bath or indulge in the spa café. With 20 treatment rooms, Gleneagles care is inspired by nature’s natural healing powers and have incorporated from both Western and Shinto practices to assure that you are getting the finest attention.  

Information and Booking: Gleneagles 


Escape to the Coast: Cornwall at Workout Away 

 guy surfing in cornwall with sunset

In the wonderland of Cornwall, overlooking the picturesque coast this beachside resort hosts sub-tropical gardens that will rejuvenate you with this immersive experience into English nature. A set day to day itinerary ensures that you will be able to make the most of every moment of your seaside retreat. Meet new people in group coastal walks to make your solo retreat more sociable, branch out with stand-up paddleboarding and feel awakened in a revive yoga-inspired workout. If you want a longer walk to make the most of the stunning views, then a visit to Maenporth and Swanpool beach are a beautiful coastal walk away. Renowned for surfing, take your board skills to the sea or learn how to tour the waves with some lessons. Return feeling fitter and stronger from you rejuvenating stay by the sea. 

Information and Booking: Workout Away 


Get your Heart Pumping: GI Jane Bootcamp 

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If you have built up energy that has been swelling throughout your body for too long and just need a release, then GI Jane Bootcamp is for you. With intense workout schedules starting at 5:30am your body will be pushed to its absolute limits. Benefit from the natural dopamine hits from the achievement of challenging both your mind and body further than you ever thought you could. With meals freshly prepared on site, all aspects of your retreat are organised by fitness and wellness specialists, with massages and muscle soaking in cold water, your body will be well looked after and nourished; so that all your concentration can be centred around pursuing the activities available on this women-only retreat in the Kent countryside.  

Information and Booking: Gi Jane Bootcamp 


Committing to yourself and your own fitness aims can appear intimidating, but that should not stop you from investing in your wellbeing. Don’t wait around for your work out buddy, partner, family member or colleague to work up the motivation to get out there and make changes, grab the opportunity to do so yourself! Your fitness goals are personal to you and should be treated like such. A holiday isn’t going to book itself, take the leap and make your dreams become a reality.  


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