5 of the Most Successful Corporate Wellness Programmes

When juggling busy modern day lifestyles with demanding work and family commitments, many of us are left with little or no time to realise what is happening to our health. Technology advances mean work demands are now being carried home making it increasingly more difficult for professionals to switch off from their work life. The inability to relax and unwind is not only detrimental for one’s health, but also detrimental to one’s productivity and ability to focus at work.

Corporations are now becoming more interested than ever in the wellness of their employees, recognising that a healthy professional is also a happier and more productive worker with higher job satisfaction.  With our tailor-made corporate wellness programmes, professionals can focus on their health and gain more control in their lives. They aim to help professionals discover their passions, strengths, skills and talents in life and utilise them to their full potential.

Whether networking on a group golf or yoga retreat or escaping on a solo wellness holiday to de-stress and unwind, our 5 most successful corporate wellness programmes will provide the perfect healthy break for professionals to reboot and return a happier and heathier worker.

Spain: SHA Wellness Clinic

SHA taichi

Learn Tai Chi from the experts at SHA Wellness Clinic

The pioneering SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain prides itself on offering 5-star accommodation with tailor-made corporate wellness programmes perfect for any stressed out and tired professional. Known for their stress-management programmes, SHA offers a perfect haven to unwind and relieve cooped up emotional and body stress with specialised therapeutic treatments such as floatation sessions, Shiatsu and reflexology. Then focus on re-energising with supportive activities such as laughter therapy, group fitness classes and healthy cooking lessons, all geared towards helping you maintain a better life that you can control after you leave the retreat.  

Information and Booking: SHA Wellness Clinic

St Lucia: The BodyHoliday

the BodyHoliday mountain ride

Go on a mountain bike ride at The BodyHoliday 

Switch of completely at this island getaway in St Lucia, and allow the experts of this award-winning health retreat to work their magic. Their corporate wellness holidays are built around a 5 pillar approach of nutrition, exercise, holistic therapies, meditation and life management to ensure their wellness programmes are as comprehensive as they are personal.  With an extensive array of beach side activities, sports and wellness facilities, The BodyHoliday offers a multi-activity holiday, great for single stressed out professionals, perfect for a solo holiday, or teams of co-workers looking for a bonding group getaway. This corporate wellness programme will guide professionals along the road to better health, and offer the right tools to maintain it.

Information and Booking: The BodyHoliday

Portugal: Vilalara Longevity Thalassa & Medical Spa

Unwind in the luxury spa facilities at Vilalara Longevity

Perfect for those feeling overpowered by their hectic lifestyle, The Longevity Medical Spa offers a wide range of health and wellness therapies in an environment of complete relaxation and 5-star comfort. The perfect destination for a luxury detox holiday, every aspect of Longevity’s corporate wellness programme is designed to ensure professionals can fully relax, reflex and re-energise. In conjunction with the Medical Spa and Thalassa Therapy centre, it provides an array of powerhouse treatments from preventative medicine to detox therapies and spa treatments. Revitalise with group wellness activities and educate yourself towards a healthier future with structured lifestyle workshops and personalised meal plans.

Information and Booking: Vilalara Longevity Thalassa & Medical Spa

Mallorca: The Body Camp Mallorca

38 north box

Get active with a boxing class at The Body Camp

Experts in running corporate wellness programmes of all sizes, The Body Camp will adapt their programmes to suit your situation, whether you are an individual professional or an entire company, to ensure each professional returns re-energised and re-engaged. Staying in a beautiful retreat near the mountainous municipality of Sencelles, they provide full use of the swimming pool, yoga and Pilates studio, and snug rooms and relaxation areas to unwind. Specialising in luxury fitness holidays, the retreat provides an exhaustive array of indoor and outdoor activities with an option for all fitness levels, from circuits and cycles, to aerobics and boxing.

Information and Booking: The Body Camp Mallorca

Thailand: Kamalaya

kamalaya relax

Enjoy the Asian inspired spa treaments at Kamalaya 

Kamalaya is located on a hillside of Koh Samui’s southern coast and specialises in holistic corporate wellness programmes that integrate healing therapies from East and West. After initial consultations, each professional is given a customised wellness programme that considers their specific health requirements. The perfect destination for a holistic spa holiday, enjoy luxury accommodation, signature spa treatments, three healthy meals daily, yoga and meditation sessions and a series of enriching wellness activities. Although customised for the individual, all wellness programmes maintain the same common goal of helping the professionals restore the body, rest the mind and kick-start a healthy lifestyle.

Information and Booking: Kamalaya 

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