10 Essential Tips for Healthy Travel

There are many benefits of travel, however, staying healthy while traveling can prove to be a challenge. Away from the comforts of your daily routine, it’s easy to fall off your health and fitness wagon when you’re on the go. While you still want to enjoy your holiday, don’t let your hard-earned efforts go to waste. Follow these 10 essential tips for healthy travel for an indulgent holiday minus the guilt:  

1. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is probably the number 1 thing on every “How to stay healthy” list. That’s because it is true! When traveling, you should always carry a source of drinkable water with you – bringing reusable travel-friendly bottles would be best! It is so easy to forget to replenish on H2O while you travel as you might be focusing on many things at once. Make sure to carry an empty bottle through security. Check at the airport and fill it on the other side, as the air inside a plane cabin is very dry. The one bottle of water supplied by airlines sometimes isn’t enough, especially for long-haul flights.


2. Protect yourself from the sun

Unquestionably, it’s great to return home nicely tanned, but it isn’t nice to return home with a burnt skin. Whenever you travel, make sure to protect yourself from the sun. Check your sunscreen to ensure it is the right one for your skin and don’t forget to re-apply it regularly. When you’re on an excursion in a hot country, put on a hat to avoid getting sunstroke and if possible, wear lightweight but long clothing for extra protection.


3. Get enough sleep

Never underestimate the importance of a good night's sleep. It is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and will benefit your heart, weight, mind and more. After a long and exciting day of exploring, you need to recharge your batteries. Make the most out of your holiday by taking control of your sleep and gather energy for the next day, full of exploration and adventures.


4. Take your probiotics/supplements

It’s easy to forget simple things when you’re out of your routine, so be extra mindful that you stay on your high-quality multivitamin and supplements. You’ll be exposed to things that your body is not used to, and if you’re on a plane, you’re exposed to radiation just from being so high in the atmosphere. An extra boost of antioxidants won’t hurt!


5. Be open to new things

Open your mind and heart to new things. Discovering new cultures, places and languages or meeting like-minded people is always an amazing adventure. Make sure to try as many different activities as you can to make the most out of your holiday. Try something new, like yoga or perhaps you turn out to be a fan of diving—you’ll never know unless you try! This can also be the perfect opportunity for a digital detox: put that phone away and enjoy your holiday!


6. Pace yourself

Rome wasn’t built in one day! There is no need to run a tight schedule and have a different activity or excursion every hour, each day. You are there to relax! Pamper yourself with a spa holiday treat! There is nothing wrong with just relaxing at the pool here and there.


7. Stay active

Staying active on holiday can be very hard, especially on a tropical beach escape where it’s tempting to just relax and to do nothing. However, we advise you to not become attached to your sunbed but to make the most out of your holiday by staying active. You can start as soon as your flight starts: walk around the plane and stretch here and there. When you arrive at your destination, make sure to visit the gym or if you would rather do a quick workout alone, do some bodyweight exercises in your room or wherever you like!


8. Stay clean (wash your hands)

Make sure to wash your hands regularly and to disinfect them. Also avoid touching your mouth when exploring as this is the fastest way to catch an infection. When preparing yourself for a holiday, make sure that disinfectant is right at the top of your shopping list.


9. Stay stress-free

If something doesn't go as planned, don't panic, stay calm, keep a positive attitude and make the best out of it. Don’t let one or two mishaps ruin your well-deserved holiday!


10. Eat healthily

Although it's tempting (especially on an all-inclusive getaway), make sure to not only eat junk all the time. Incorporate some greens and fruit into your diet, but when you can’t help but indulge, try to control the portions, that way, you can still enjoy your meals without overeating.


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