5 of the Best Wellness Tours for When You're Single

5 of the Best Wellness Tours for When You're Single

There is always another reason not to go travelling. We are always stuck in the fast lane of life, working frantically to the next ‘important’ goal or just holding on for dear life as to not be left behind... but we say forget it! Start putting your health and wellbeing first with our selection of the best wellness tours for when you’re single. Each wellness tour provides the perfect mix of a healthy holiday and adventure tour, whether it’s hiking through picturesque valleys to the sacred Machu Picchu or voyaging to the home of the Dalai Lama, they’re sure to enthuse a new energy into the mind, body and soul and give you a renewed positivity for life. A job may fill your pockets, but adventure fills your soul, so set out time to head off into the world and uncover its secrets on these fantastic solo adventures.


Bali Wellness Tour


This Balinese experience fuses the best aspects of an adventure and yoga escape, with yoga sessions on the tranquil shores of Sanur and the calming ambient sounds of gentle waves and purifying holy baths in lavishly adorned Hindu temples. Your group will transform from strangers to lifelong friends as you bond through healing ceremonies and evening meditation sessions, as well as the underwater world of Menjangan Island and gorgeous Munduk waterfall hidden away in the highland regions of north Bali for you to explore.


India Wellness Tour


Discovering the hallowed spiritual world of India makes for an incredible healing break, and this wellness tour will guide you through the birthplace of four peaceful religions, including Buddhism and Hinduism. Voyaging to the home of the Dalai Lama, hiking to the Bhagsunath Temple and yoga amongst ancient monuments will provide a spiritually grounding experience, and give you a taste of a culture so diverse to our own so you can return home with a new perspective of what is most important in life.


Thailand Wellness Tour


A singles holiday perfect for solo travelers captivated by cultural discovery, this Thai journey will expose you to the countries widely varying ways of life and natural landscapes. Work with exotic ingredients learning one of the world’s most adulated cuisines, explore spiritualism visiting majestic golden Buddhist temples and set adrenaline rushing with Muay Thai boxing events. This wellness tour is perfect for those looking to slow their current pace of life, bring down stress levels, and put their mental and physical wellbeing first.


Peru Wellness Tour


An adventure holiday deserving to be at the top of any bucket list, set out on the journey of a lifetime to discover Machu Picchu and feel the energy of lost civilizations flow through the world around you. This wellness tour encourages you to begin each day with intention as you practice yoga and channel the mysterious power of your surroundings, alongside sampling the Peruvian Japanese fusion cuisine and enjoying breath-taking Andean landscapes to complete a truly uplifting mindfulness holiday.


Nepal Wellness Tour


Learn from Nepalese Monks on this wellness tour as you seek a renewed peace and the opportunity to explore deeper dimensions of your mind. An emotional healing holiday like no other, you can practice yoga and meditation in the nurturing environment of a monastery and at the birthplace of the Buddha. Engage with local practices, including cooking at a homestay and visiting the majestic swayambhunath Stupa, complimenting the spectacular Himalayan landscapes and Terai lowlands to give you the perfect setting for some self-love and self-reflection.

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