How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Holiday

How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Holiday

Recycle your old travel guides and dive into the digital rabbit hole of Pinterest for the ultimate way to plan your healthy holiday. Create a board for your virtual bucket list and set your imagination free with a wealth of information at your fingertips. The saying, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ has never been more apt when used in relation to the breath-taking and inspiring images that fill Pinterest’s pages.

Browse through beach yoga scenes and mountain hiking vistas in your quest for a unique healthy holiday destination and read glowing travel reviews that will have your suitcase packed and ready to go. With the ability to pin locations and compare hotels side by side, you will be able to design your dream healthy holiday down to the last detail.

Create your healthy holiday boards

aro ha hiking

Let your imagination run wild by creating different Pinterest boards

With a whole world to explore, if you feel overwhelmed by the wealth of healthy holiday options available, create a Pinterest board where you can start adding your favourites in one place and planning your ideal escape. Treat your Pinterest travel planning like an online mood board by filling it with pins; the virtual sticky notes of the web. Create a number of separate boards where you can have sections dealing specifically with different elements of your trip, whether it’s the new activities you’d like to try on a learning holiday, or the destinations you want to discover.

 Get travel inspiration from others

Dolphin spotting in Portugal

Discover activities you would never have thought of by looking at travel blogs

Make use of the wealth of experience from fellow holiday-goers and collect ideas with pins linking to inspirational travel blogs. Invite others to pin on your board as they may suggest ideas for activities or destinations you had not thought of. Intensify your wanderlust with breath-taking photos and get an inside look by reading other Pinterest users’ reviews of your dream destination. Explore other Pinterest user’s boards and pick up useful travel information to ensure you enjoy every blissful moment of your wellness holiday.

Discover the hidden gems


Find wonders you would otherwise have missed by reading first person testimonials

Fill up your little black book of travel with beautiful beach photos and unmissable experiences shared by like-minded Pinterest users to make your active holiday one to remember. Get an inside look on where you’ll be staying by searching for testimonials on your chosen wellness retreat and discover the hidden jewels to enjoy during your stay. Click on a photo that catches your eye and then scroll through the relevant pins featured alongside it to open up a treasure trove of healthy holiday possibilities.

Pin places on your mapIns


Look beyond your own horizon and plan a world wellness trip

A fantastic resource for planning your ultimate around the world wellness trip or multi-destination holiday, Pinterest allows you to pin different locations to your holiday map. Gain a realistic idea of distances to travel and watch your trip come to life as you pin more places to visit. Browse through travel reviews for tips on how to make the most of your healthy holiday so that you pack as much as possible into every day. Visualise the best routes to follow and pin possible places to stop and explore along the way so that when your adventure holiday begins, all you need do is enjoy it.  

Keep all you need in one place


Do the planning ahead of time and keep an eye on travel deals

Your unique and personalised holiday board will become your pocket travel partner, holding all the information you need in one convenient place. See your healthy holiday fill with exciting activities, delicious healthy food and interesting places to visit as you add more pins. With an array of destinations already pinned, you’ll have all the inspiration you need to plan your next escape following the post-holiday blues. Create your own board of travel offers and deals to refer back to, so you can plan the best time to head off on your healthy holiday.


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