Interview with Ramon Imper from TIA Wellness Resort Vietnam


Our latest addition to the Insider Interview series features TIA Wellness Resort's General Manager, Ramon Imper. Here Roman discusses TIA's wellness philosophy and what makes it unique. We also got to learn about Ramon on a more intimate level, including his own path in the world of health and wellness, helping us to understand the personal touch he adds to TIA that helps to make it a truly memorable experience for every kind of wellness traveller.  

1. What are the core values you bring to TIA?

Nutrition, Mindfulness, and Physical Activity are the core values I bring to TIA. These areas are not just my professional focus but also my personal hobbies. I am passionate about continuously learning more and sharing my knowledge with our team and guests. I am dedicated to incorporating new elements into our wellness treatments, therapies, activities, and our food and beverage concept.

2. What makes TIA unique in comparison with other wellness resorts? 

TIA Wellness Resort stands out by offering more than just a relaxing escape. We redefine the spa experience by seamlessly integrating progressive wellness into each stay. All guests enjoy daily wellness treatments and therapies included in their rate, as well as a variety of classes from yoga to breathwork masterclasses and creative workshops. At TIA, we strive not to burden our guests with additional charges, as all treatments are included in their wellness stay.

3. How has your upbringing and cultural ties influenced your passion for health and wellness? 

From an early age, I was immersed in mindfulness due to my mother's passion for healing techniques like Reiki and Reflexology. Growing up in Switzerland, I frequently visited alpine wellness resorts and local thermal baths, which shaped my early exposure to the world of wellness.

4. What can your guests expect to gain from their experience at TIA? 

Guests at TIA can expect more than a traditional holiday experience. We aim to provide them with new knowledge and practices that can be seamlessly incorporated into their daily lives even after their stay. Our key wellness pillars—Flow, Nourish, Breath, and Create—are the foundation of our classes and experiences, allowing guests to dive deeper into their well-being journey.

5. Is there a particular kind of guest you feel you are especially well-suited to help at TIA? 

Everyone is suited to stay at TIA Wellness Resort, provided they are open to experiencing a healthy and mindful holiday. We cater to individuals with varying levels of experience, guiding them based on their needs and knowledge.

6. There’s a fantastic variety of massages and therapies available at TIA, do you have a favourite? What is it about this treatment that you love? 

Personally, I have several favourites, but one that stands out is our new signature Lymphatic Detox Massage. Its gentle yet effective approach has remarkable detoxification benefits, and I recommend it every other day to maximise the process. For an energetic reset or emotional release, the Reiki Master Healing Therapy, where our reiki master intuitively balances and energises the chakras, holds a special place for me.

7. Group wellness activities are another great feature of both the retreat and wellness programs at TIA, do you have a preferred group activity? Why did you choose this one? 

A favourite among both guests and I is our Creative Workshop. Its artistic approach allows participants to tap into their consciousness, reflect on the past, process experiences, or set intentions for the future in a simple yet effective way. This workshop not only brings me back to my childhood but resonates with many guests who express a desire to reconnect with creative activities that bring relaxation and calmness.

Thanks Ramon!


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Ramon is the General Manager at TIA Wellness Resort, he was born and educated in Switzerland and grew up in a family of hoteliers and restaurateurs. Nine years ago he moved to Vietnam where discovered his true passion in wellness and spa hospitality. As a dedicated nature, fitness and health enthusiast he has spent this time developing in-depth knowledge in physical and mental wellbeing, nutrition science and energy healing.


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