Make your lunch break your fitness escape

Of the most common excuses men and women use for not exercising 'lack of time' is possibly the worst. You can try justifying your excuse with a hectic job or demanding family life, but in reality there is always time for exercise; you just have to be willing to find it.

There is a misconception that to have a good work-out you need to spend hours at the gym, but this isn't exactly true. Combining a fitness routine into your lunch hour can be one of the best ways to incorporate exercise into your busy lifestyle. You might be thinking that exercising and still having time to eat, shower and get back to work, all within 60 minutes is a bit unreasonable. But all it takes is a little planning and creativity to figure out a system that works for you.

The key to making a lunchtime workout worthwhile is intensity. It's not about the length of time you train, but how hard you try. 15 minutes of exercise could have the same effect as 60 minutes if you increase the intensity. A short-burst, high-intensity workout will result in a calorie-burn that will last even after you've finished working out.

The Gym

If you have a gym close by, or are lucky enough to have one in your offices nip in for a quick 20-30 minutes for a lunchtime workout. Here are some tips on making it quick:

1. Classes: Check for noontime classes. These classes are often specially designed for those needing to get in and out quickly, and are ideal for a lunchtime break.

2. Cardio: Log 20-3- minutes on your favourite cardio machine with an interval program for a higher-intensity workout.

3. Weight training: Focus on a different body part each lunchtime session, this will not only allow for a equal development but will change up the routine each day.

4. Circuit Training: Great for a full-body workout in a hurry.

An In-Office Workout

If the nearest gym is a 45-minute drive and costs more than you can afford, there is nothing stopping you from doing a quick workout, right there in the office. Here are some office-friendly moves that work well and won't disturb your colleagues

1. Chair Squat: Stand up and whilst keeping your back straight, lower your bum to within one inch from the seat, hold for 10 seconds and then stand. Repeat 5 times.

2. Desk Push Up: Use your desk to hold a push up position with your elbows at a 90-degree angle. While holding this position, execute 10 knee-drives, followed by 5 push-ups. Repeat three to four times.

3. Chest stretch: Whilst seated, exhale and lengthen your spine. Hold this tall position and lean forward, open up your chest and extend your arms. Lower your arms and repeat 5 times.

4. Knee bends: While sitting in your chair bring your knees up close to your chest, lower and repeat as many times as you can. Work using only the muscles in your abs and trunk to pull your knees up. 

Eating Well

healthy food

No matter how beneficial a daily workout is, never skip lunch in favour of exercise. Your body needs to be re-fuelled so it's essential that you eat a good healthy lunch. By following a few simple rules you can fix both into your schedule:

1. Always eat after your workout, never before.

2. Bring in a homemade lunch to cut down on time spent ordering in a restaurant.

3. Go for a light, low-fat lunch so it's easier to digest after working out.

4. Eat a high-protein snack a couple hour before your workout for an extra boost. 

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A lunchtime workout should not be exhausting, and you shouldn't be returning to your desk tired, achy and dripping with sweat. Instead it should get the blood flowing round your muscles and increase your oxygen levels, giving you that extra lift and energising you for the rest of the day. When the weather warms up, take your workout outside by doing some simple open-air exercises like cycling, skating, jogging or power walking.

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