Sugar Ridge; The Fit Escape Retreat

Without a doubt Sugar Ridge is the best place to stay in Antigua. It is a private, beautiful retreat that in my opinion is a well-kept secret. It stood out to me amid other luxury resorts on the island because of its stunning hillside location and renowned state of the art fitness centre.

A lot of people may choose to spend their time off work and away from home resting and recuperating, and Sugar Ridge has plenty to offer those with relaxation at the top of their agenda. Sugar Ridge can however, also be a great escape for the fitness minded like myself. With daily aerobic classes, nature walks and circuit training, plus yoga lessons and various water sports I was willing to try everything and fit as much activity into my daily schedule as I could.

For me one of the most outstanding facilities Sugar Ridge had on its grounds was the fitness centre, boasted to be the best on the island. Not only did the centre have state-of-the-art equipment, but there was always a qualified trainer at hand to offer advice and assistance. One of the trainers, Jackie, helped provide me with a tailored programme for my individual needs. Her programmes made use of the nature features at hand by including treks through the hills and runs along nearby beaches. Having Jackie's support in my fitness routines really gave me the extra push I needed.

After an exhausting work out I would head over to the Aveda Concept Spa. An air of calm and tranquillity greets you right as you walk through the doors. The softly spoken Kafi heads ups the spa and her spa management knowledge is evident and reassuring. The spa has great therapists, an enticing menu of treatments to choose from and a lovely ambience, the deep tissue massage was one of my personal favourites after a busy day of activities.

Although Sugar Ridge is not a beach resort because of its unique location, it does run regular shuttles to a number of local beaches. The resort offers the best of both worlds with the opportunity to change up the scenery every day.

The Carmichael Restaurant was exceptional. Matthew, the chef, is a real artist with food, making it not only delicious but visually appealing as well. The view from the restaurant, which is located at the top of the hillside, is breath-taking; it overlooks the resort and provides stunning panoramic views of the Caribbean Seas as well as tempting glimpses of neighbouring bays. The deck and infinity pool set next to the restaurant adds an extra special touch and is the perfect location to enjoy the view.

I find it impossible to fault my time spent at Sugar Ridge resort. The serene atmosphere helped clear my mind of any distractions; the facilities and bespoke programme gave me the extra boost I needed in my fitness routine; and the meals were a healthy detox from my usual eating habits.

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