Why You Should Go on a Bootcamp Holiday Abroad

Why You Should Go on a Bootcamp Holiday Abroad


If you’re looking for a fitness-oriented luxury retreats that incorporates principles of both military style discipline and high intensity exercise you need look no further – a bootcamp holiday can offer all this and more. To put it plainly, bootcamp holidays are a type of retreat that utilises group activities and high intensity exercise to make a substantial contribution to the health of its participants in relatively short space of time and aid them in developing healthy habits. Did you know that as little as 150 minutes of physical exercise per week can lower your risk of major illness, including coronary heart disease, type two diabetes, stroke, and cancer by as much as 30%? There are many options available for groups and individuals to participate in these fitness enhancing retreats at a diverse range of locations around the globe.

Let us walk you through the benefits of a bootcamp holiday abroad below:



Meeting New People

yoga at Epic Sana Algarve Yoga at EPIC SANA Algarve 

Office, home, sleep, repeat, office, home, sleep, repeat. Modern life is heavily routinised and for most people this strict routine substantially limits the amount of new people that they can interact with. Meeting new people is a vital component of the bootcamp holiday experience - facilitating the opportunity for individuals and small groups alike to interact and develop bonds with interesting new people in an environment that encourages teamworking.

Sayanna Reshape at EPIC SANA Algarve creates the perfect environment to socialise through optional attendance to group activities including Pilates, circuit training, and aqua fit sessions. While also offering access to all spa facilities such as the heated pool, Turkish baths, and saunas for a more relaxing way to socialise. The interpersonal skills that you will develop over the course of your bootcamp can have significantly beneficial effects on the ways that you engage with people in your personal and vocational life, thus adding to the litany of long-term benefits your bootcamp holiday will provide to you.


Change of Scenery

sea view at Workout Away Mykonos  - a bootcamp holiday retreatSea View at Workout Away Mykonos

That inspirational quote plastered on the wall of your local gym can only do so much to motivate you after the third straight week of basic weight training. The issue of motivation is worse than you might think, according to DFH Financial Solutions 77% of UK adults sign up for gym memberships then fail to attend. Your environment is a vital component of your workout regime, you need to be somewhere where you feel comfortable and inspired. A bootcamp holiday abroad gives you the opportunity to fly off to distant locations and take in the stunning scenery as you engage with stimulating and challenging fitness activities.

The Luxury bootcamps that are offered by Workout Away places this element of the bootcamp experience at the centre of the holidays they offer, featuring a consistent assortment of activities and inclusions in a diverse range of locations. Including Greece, Portugal, Cornwall, and the South Coast of England. Giving you the freedom to choose the backdrop to your fitness journey without sacrificing inclusions and services. Contributing to a renewed sense of motivation and passion that reminds you why you started your fitness journey in the first place.


Access to Professionals

yoga at phuket cleanseYoga at Phuket Cleanse 

Getting fit and healthy is an intimately personal endeavour. However, no singular person possesses all the necessary insight and practical training to be able to incisively construct a workout regime that suits their unique needs. Having unhindered access to professionals and specialists in the areas of nutrition, fitness, and endurance is a significant advantage provided by bootcamp holidays that can’t not be understated. Many luxury bootcamp holidays offer a diverse range of activities lead by specialists at the top of their fields.

For example, the All-Inclusive Wellness Retreat at Phuket Cleanse features a range of wellness inclusions guided by experts such as their complimentary 1-on-1 Muay Thai sessions that aims to rapidly teach you the fundamentals of the martial art in a safe environment. Having professional guidance on your fitness journey disposes you with the insight to be able to understand your body’s needs and continue to act upon them long after your bootcamp retreat has come to a close.


A New Challenge

Weightlifting at GI Jane ThailandWeightlifting at GI Jane Thailand

''Nothing worth having comes easy’’ – challenging yourself allows you to grow as an individual, acquire new skills, and take control of your inhibitions. Anyone who knows anything about weight loss and fitness knows that achieving your ideal body is always a challenge that requires all these skills. Bootcamp holidays offer a challenge in a controlled space that and instils confidence and gives you the insights you need to be able to make a positive change in your life.

One such bootcamp holiday is GI Jane Thailand, this female only bootcamp in the heart of Thailand offers a highly regimented daily routine combined with physically challenging activities to foster in you greater mental fortitude and the confidence to tackle future challenges. To do things you’d never thought possible under the careful guidance of their team of professionals and prove to yourself that you have the skills to be able to tackle whatever life throws at you.


When deciding how you wish to go about improving your health and fitness you must remember that it is an intimately personal decision that can only be made by you, a bootcamp holiday may be appealing to you simply because of the diversity that exists between retreats allowing you to tailor pick the best option for yourself. The advantages of a bootcamp holiday don’t just stop here there are so many more reasons why a bootcamp holiday might be the right choice for you. So why not jump in headfirst, accept the challenge and find out what is to be gained from a luxury bootcamp holiday now!


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