• 10 Essential Packing Hacks You Have To Know About

    There are two kinds of travelers in the world – those who pack wisely and those who wish they had. Packing is an important element when travelling because when it is done well, it can help create a stress-free travel experience. You don't want to over pack and then suffer by having to cart around a bulky bag, but you also don't want to under pack and end up forgetting some of your essentials. Here, you can learn to beat stress on holiday, with our top ten essential packing tips!

  • 2015 Spafinder Wellness Travel Award Winners

    Health and Fitness Travel congratulates all the winners of the 2015 Spafinder Wellness Travel Awards, honoring the top spas, hotels, resorts and retreats around the globe. Voted by over 10,000 consumers worldwide, we are delighted to see three of our partners on the Crystal Awards listing, holding the title of the best properties offeringwellness holidays on six continents.

  • 2016 Top Global Wellness, Spa & Fitness Travel Trends

    Forecasting the next big trends in wellness travel for 2016, from fitness DNA to healthy foodie holidays, here, we predict the emerging trends that will shape the wellness world of 2016.

  • 3 Things I'd Tell A New Traveller

    by Hellen McAdams

    I always remember the first time I read Jack Kerouac’s‘’On the Road’’ and how much I was impressed with the general idea of abandoning comfort of your home and embarking on a journey through the whole country. Little did I know that I’ll grow up to become a globetrotter myself, constantly on the move and, yes - steadily on the road.

  • 5 Common Mistakes We All Make

    Words: Timmy Lindop

    After years of training for events and helping hundreds of clients to reach their goals I still see many mistakes made by many that sometimes prevents them from reaching their true potential (yep, myself included). It always brings me back to the famous ‘Marshmallow story from way back in the 1960s when a popular psychologist at the time did a test and lined up a bunch of school children with TWO choices – One Marshmallow now OR Two in 15 minutes time?

  • 5 First Aid Lessons You Should Teach Your Child

    Whether you are on holidays with the kids or at home, accidents and injuries are an unfortunate fact of life. 

    Cuts, scratches, bruises, fevers and insect bites: children are so often in the wars that parents, by default, are expected to have and administer basic first aid knowledge. But parents -forever in caretaker mode - rarely think to share their first aid insights with their children. 

    In an emergency situation, the simplest first aid lessons can save lives. Basic first aid knowledge can be the deciding factor. 

    Share these five easy first aid lessons with your kids so that they can be heroes if tragedy should strike.

  • A Day in the Life of a PR & Marketing Apprentice Working in the Travel Industry

    Without a qualification in PR and Marketing, an apprenticeship has given me real insight into the industry and the opportunity to earn whilst I learn. Now 6 months into my 1 year PR & Marketing apprenticeship based in London, I have gained valuable experience with real responsibility on a new career path.

  • A Day Well Spent: Port Melbourne Celebrates Global Wellness Day 2016

    What started back in 2012 as a social project with a purpose to answer the question, “How can I live a healthier and better life?” is now an internationally recognised movement called Global Wellness Day, observed over 3,000 facilities across 100 countries. Every year, on the second Saturday of June, the world dedicates a day solely to living well. This year, 11th of June, Health and Fitness Travel, in conjunction with ClassPass and some of Australia’s most promising local wellness brands including Matcha MaidenHaus of HealthGolden GrindMUD, Nourish Bowlz and more have come together to bring this special day to Port Melbourne with an afternoon of complimentary activities celebrating wellness at boutique wellness studio Bodhi and Ride.

  • A guide to surviving your long haul flight

    Arrive at your destination rejuvenated...

    Keep Hydrated

    It is easy to become dehydrated whilst flying, as the air inside a plane cabin is very dry, so make sure to drink plenty of water. To avoid the hassle of constantly having to ask for water, bring along your own filtered water bottle and refill it with tap water on the plane. Although it might be tempting to indulge in a glass of wine or cocktail to relax your nerves, try to avoid alcoholic or carbonated drinks, as they will only add to dehydration.

  • An Interview with Paul Joseph

    We talk to Paul Joseph, Co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel, about his inspirations, daily routines and the secret to success in the ever-growing wellness industry.

  • Baby-boomers Create Big Impact on Wellness Travel Sector

    With the fit and active 'baby-boomer' generation now reaching 65 years plus, they are making a big impact on the health and fitness travel sector and it's set to continue. More than 10 million people alive today will live to be more than 100 years old. The older generation are seeking holiday destinations which encourage more physical and mental activity. Having that spending power to go on holiday, baby boomers consider holidays no longer an indulgence but a necessity of life for their well-being.

  • Becoming a centenarian

    We are living in a time where life expectancy in the UK is continuously improving, and reaching 100 years in age will become more common. Being 50 can hardly be considered old; it will soon mark the halfway point in many of our lives. But why are we all going to live longer?

  • Congratulations to The Asia Spa Awards 2018 Winners

    Join us in congratulating the winners of the 2018 Asia Spa Awards, an annual prestigious distinction for outstanding spas in the Asian region. This gives recognition and credit to the best and innovative spas and properties around the region selected through 26 categories in the luxury and leisure industry.

  • Day in the Life of an Intern - Isabel Jacobs

    Isabel Jacobs thoroughly enjoyed her eight week internship with Health and Fitness Travel in the UK. Isable said "It couldn't have been more worthwhile. The experience was incomparable to the other internships I've done, where filing and clock-watching were main activities. At Health and Fitness Travel I was really made to feel a part of the team, carrying out a variety of different tasks and with some real responsibility".

  • Football World Cup Holiday Inspirations

    With the 2014 Football World Cup under way, Health and Fitness Travel, experts in tailor-made active and wellness holidays are seeing an increase in the number of travellers looking to improve their own sporting skills. On offer is an enormous range of sports and wellness holidays backed by world-class professionals. You can take advantage of some of the world’s best sports coaches and lift your performance to the next level with cutting-edge sports psychology, focus on weight loss or anti-aging with a medical approach using advanced diagnostics and treatment plans to help you achieve your goals.

  • Getting the Most Out of My Summer Public Relations Internship

    After nearly 8 weeks I am now at the end of my PR and Marketing internship here at Health and Fitness Travel, and although it has flown by, I feel that I have learnt a lot in such a short period of time. From the moment I arrived I was given a wide range of tasks and responsibilities which increasingly varied as time went on, keeping me busy and far from boredom. Planning my tasks using an action list that I updated weekly, helped me improve my planning and organisational skills, as well as giving me a clear overview of all the different tasks I had been doing.

  • Healthy Holidays for January

    Healthy Holidays for January

    If you’ve already started drafting your New Year’s health and fitness resolutions but you’re worried you won’t be able to stick to them, then a detox or fitness holiday could well be what you need. So why not escape the miserable weather and leftover turkey and embark on an exotic wellness break designed to leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the New Year?

  • Hot New Fitness Holiday Crazes

    If you’re bored of your exercise regime why not try something a bit unusual with one of our alternative fitness holidays. These healthy breaks offer something new to spice up your current workout routine and help keep you interested as your muscles get a brand new style of workout.

  • How to Look Fresh on 5 Minutes Sleep

    It doesn’t seem to matter how much we intend to grab those solid 8 hours a night. Life happens, things change and we often cram so damn much into every single day that we push life to the limits and get away with as little sleep as we can.

    Obviously, the best thing longer term is to consider why this is happening and make some healthy choices about getting real with yourself. But for those morning when you have no choice and you just can’t deal:

  • How to Pack For a Fitness Holiday

    You’ve carefully chosen and booked your dream fitness holiday, but now the stressful question arises; what to pack? This isn’t quite the standard holiday where all you need is your swimsuit and flip-flops and there’s nothing worse than arriving at a holiday destination unprepared. You may want to prepare physically by starting your healthy lifestyle with a nutritious diet and some warm up workouts, which will make your programme easier to get into. You also don’t want to arrive having to buy new trainers that may rub, knowing that your worn-in and comfortable pair are lying at home. So, make sure you tick off the essential list of what to pack before your fitness holiday, to help you avoid any stress and allow you to arrive with a relaxed mind set, ready to start your fitness journey.

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