• 10 Ultimate Fitness Holidays Around the World

    ultimate fitness holidays around the world

    Kick-start a fitness journey like no other with our 10 ultimate fitness holidays around the world. With a variety of activities and treatments to choose from you’ll be buzzing for more after a stay at any one of these retreats. Try you hand at boxing in Thailand or surfing in Costa Rica to build muscle strength and improve your balance. Be sure to wind down each day with some of the luxurious treatments at your disposal, including Ayurvedic massages, Reiki healing and much more. After a trip to any one of these resorts you’ll be right on track for a happier, healthier lifestyle. 

  • 5 Superfoods to Fight Cancer

    5 Superfoods to Fight Cancer


    Eating a healthy balanced diet at a post-cancer recovery retreat won’t only keep you at your ideal optimal weight, but it can also help you fight or recover from cancer. Many raw fruits and vegetables actually contain nutrients that attack cancer cells, whilst others block inflammation that promotes cancer growth. It is therefore important to adopt a healthy diet to ensure that you are living a healthy lifestyle and to help prevent the growth of cancer cells. Start your journey to a healthier lifestyle on a nutrition friendly holiday where you can indulge in nutritious flavoursome meals and discover that healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Our nutrition retreats can also help to improve your understanding of the importance of a healthy diet, and help you to make a lifestyle change. To start you on this journey, here, we share our top 5 superfoods to help fight cancer.

  • How Mindfulness and Meditation Retreats May Help to Treat Depression

    How Mindfulness and Meditation Retreats May Help to Treat Depression


    By re-connecting your mind and body with the present, the practice of meditation and mindfulness can help to work through destructive thought processes. Although these should not be viewed as an alternative to medication or therapy, there is research to suggest that mindfulness and meditation retreats may be able to help treat depression.

  • Preidlhof Announces Transformational Wellness Offering for 2023

    Preidlhof Announces Transformational Wellness Offering for 2023


    Looking for agetaway in Italy, where the food is ‘eccellente!’, the views are immaculate, the weather’s gorgeous and most of all you get awellness escape that satiates all your healthy endeavours? ThenPreidlhof’s announcement of transformational wellness offerings for 2023 should get you sufficiently excited! Not only have they developed a whole new retreat – their Integrated Wellness Retreat. But they have also updated their current retreats and developed some highlights to get excited for throughout 2023 withintheirglowing flow retreats 

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