Preidlhof Announces Transformational Wellness Offering for 2023

Preidlhof Announces Transformational Wellness Offering for 2023


Looking for a getaway in Italy, where the food is ‘eccellente!’, the views are immaculate, the weather’s gorgeous and most of all you get a wellness escape that satiates all your healthy endeavours? Then Preidlhof’s announcement of transformational wellness offerings for 2023 should get you sufficiently excited! Not only have they developed a whole new retreat – their Integrated Wellness Retreat. But they have also updated their current retreats and developed some highlights to get excited for throughout 2023 within their glowing flow retreats 


On top there are additions for the guest's overall experience, to really make Preidlhof the wellness haven of dreams with a whole new digital detox kit, garden spa, special classes, skincare and facial treatment, and healthy gourmet menu! 

Preidlhof have been listening to the consumers that have been coming to their retreat, delighted with the feedback and have persevered to make the guests experience as perfect as possible.  

New Wellness Retreat: Integrated Wellness Retreat 

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Getting overwhelmed by the abundance of wellness advice on the internet and no longer sure which tips to follow or believe? Preidlhof have created a retreat where you can get a fully in-depth run down of wellness expert advice called Integrated Wellness Retreat. There are daily integrated healing sessions to soothe both your body and mind. There is the incredible opportunity to be led by the highly-skilled master therapists including Martin, who is an ancient healing expert, and Andrea a Shiatsu Master. With Ayurveda and osteopathy-based sessions on top; this wellness retreat is aimed for the wider audience of wellness pursuers.  


Highlight for 2023: Glowing Flow Retreats 

Woman doing yoga over the pool with view of South Tyrol

Throughout the months of February, March, June and September there is the brilliant opportunity to be led on a retreat by the wonderful Stefano Battaglia who is renowned trauma healer, one of the ‘top 5 healers in the world’. This is a chance to truly benefit from an expert in doing some inner work within yourself and experience the powerful opening of the heart, a moment to heal from past traumas. This help in hand to navigate challenging times previously in life, is an opportunity to help you move forward, and with Stefano Patrizia in Preidlhof, there is no better person nor place to do so. Allow these Glowing Flow sessions to help you lift a weight off your shoulders and return home with enlightened insights on mindful living.  

These Glowing flow sessions can also be integrated into other retreats, so if there is another programme you feel is better suited you can take that and still benefit from the help of Stefano Battaglia’s trauma healing sessions alongside. As long as the retreat you go on is one of the months that these sessions run in.  


As well as new retreats there are also updates to existing ones. 


Menopause Retreat – Glow & Flow (7 nights) 

Women together in the forest

For the apprehensive premenopausal woman, there is now an opportunity for your worries to be eased in preparation for this shift in life! There to help those who are anticipating and going through Menopause, this retreat is there to offer a helping hand in both a holistic approach to treating the symptoms of menopause and shift mindsets on an optimistic and exciting perspective for this period of time. A glowing flow session, empowerment of womanhood and healing from previous life experiences; this retreat is sure to inspire and invigorate your heart as you move on from the retreat.  


Energy and Healing for Two (5 nights) 

Couple in the spa at Preidlhof

Looking for a getaway with your partner and a moment for both of you to refresh your being? This retreat presents a brilliant opportunity for you both to detach from the online world, and spend quality time together without outside distractions. Ancient healing, meditation sessions for two, offer the chance to connect with your partner on a spiritual level as you welcome the themes around nature! Be playful, have fun and embrace the retreats ways of hedonic and eudaemonic wellness. With the wonderful facilities at Preidlhof with a luxury Medical Spa spanning 5,000sqm+, this retreat is a true extravagance for you both.  

With the recent addition of ‘freedom for two’ for just under two hours as an inclusive part of the retreat, there are options no matter your partnering! A divine feminine experience for two women partaking, an empowering masculine enhancing event or a beautiful meeting between the two for a man and woman. This treatment is a sensory experience that uses both essential oils and ancient wisdom like moxa to energise and massage both the face and the body. A perfect opportunity to treat a loved one to the experience! Whether that is family, friend or partner! 


Sleep Better – Calmer Nights for Brighter Days (6 nights+) 

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Struggling with sleeping patterns? Up all night, unable to get a good rest, unfocused and pressed with stresses of every-day dilemmas? This retreat offers the opportunity to not only unwind but also assess lifestyle habits that could be preventing better sleep patterns. Under the careful supervision of Dr. Med. A. Angerer, sleep bracelets and medical assessments, study your biological being to find the medical solutions to your restless nights. Loosen up with laughing yoga, embrace nature with forest bathing and be guided to sleep with tranquillity massage ritual. This highly personalized programme will assess your own unique situation and recommend from there with help of sleep medicine experts how to ensure you can improve the quality of your sleep not just on the retreat, but for nights at home too.  


Holistic Fitness Retreat – Move Your Way (6 nights+) 

Looking for a week away where you can channel all your fitness passions, but also get a cheeky holiday out of it? Preidlhof’s Holistic Fitness Retreat will monitor your heart rate variability to ensure that you are staying fit and healthy, do a body measurement and report to ensure that your body is best understood for the workouts that you undertake! With special classes and personal training, not only will your post workout adrenaline be an all-time high but so will your motivation! With the help of the latest neuroscience analysis and ancient practices, your fitness regime will be guided by years of research into holistic training to ensure that you benefit the best from the expert's knowledge at Preidlhof.  


Not only are there additions to these particular retreats but there are also exciting embellishments that have been made to make the overall experience of staying at Preidlhof even more enjoyable.  


Additional treatments: 

Man content in the forest amongst nature

Some treatments that have been introduced for all guests to enjoy includes Deeper Destination Discovery for Transformation that takes on ‘sensorial integration’ to encourage guests to better process the sense of the real world into their physical emotional and cognitive wellbeing. Encourage people to really be in the present rather than meandering in our heads or online – as we all know it’s too easy to do. Refresh with wild swimming, admire the lush, Italian scenery with mindful hikes, experience the “Farmer’s Life” and even bath in the forest led by the award-winning ‘Lady of the Woods’, Ingrid Mossmair. 

Heal through quietude with a new digital detox kit! Trade in your smartphone for a mindful and sensorially enamouring experience. Preidlhof being protected by the Quiet Park Association, allows the surroundings to be untouched and detached from the outside world. Feel truly at peace and in nature, a far separation from the fast-paced bustle of modern life. Be transported back in time to relish the joys of vintage travel. 


New Spa and Skincare Line 

Something to tease everyone's fancy is a New Garden Spa that will be heated in the cooler months where you can bathe in beautiful spa that invites nature with outdoor facilities set amongst the delicious smells of lavender, olive trees and citrus plants. 

Preidlhof are also launching their new organic & vegan skincare line & new facial treatment. Their line introduces a way to keep your skin glowing, healthy, without the cruelty to animals and being eco-friendly; established in December 2022 by an all-female team of professionals determined to empower people to feel beautiful in their own skin. With high concentration of botanical and biotechnological active ingredients, the line is designed to be inclusive for all. Their new facial treatment follows the same principles and is available for purchase at the spa, on the website and at other select retailers.  


New Classes included and Gourmet Food 

Couple cycling by the water and mountains

A variety of new classes ensures that you can find your niche at Preidlof, an exciting venture alongside your wellness programmes. From sound yoga, mindful eating and sensory analysis to dance, yoga nidra, holistic movement and postural gym; there is something for everyone! Pick and choose according to your interests and meet others that share the same enthusiasm for your passions!  

As the sun rises over the gorgeous vineyards of South Tyrol, take part in the new dynamic holistic class, designed by Patrizia Bortolin for an exceptional sensorial experience. Take part in weekly workshops to better understand how your body works, be educated on the ‘9 Types of Hunger’, the ‘Apple Journey’ experience and wellness consultations on the Luescher colour test led by Norma Jean; a psychologist and fitness trainer. 

Intrigue your tastebuds with the vegan Chef Emanuele Giorgione, a leading international expert in Spa Cuisine, that creates delicious plant-based specialities to fuel your days at Preidlhof. With fresh produce that changes ingredients according to the season, there’s new delights on the menu evening to evening! 


To make your booking at Preidlhof in the dazzling region of South Tyrol, for a fully immersive wellness experience click here. Take a moment to re-energise, disconnect from the outside world and refresh your being! 


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