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Our tailor-made spa holidays offer something for everyone with a choice of idyllic worldwide destinations and luxury wellness retreats, from destination to medical spas. Enhance your well-being with a specific focus on our specialist spa holidays including Ayurvedic, weight-loss, fitness, detox and ultimate luxury spas. Complement with daily wellness and fitness classes, such as yoga and meditation, together with healthy cuisine for optimal health and wellness.
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Each of our spa holidays offers something different, but all create a calming and personal atmosphere, providing an extensive range of spa treatments to help you unwind. Complement your favourite spa therapies with daily wellness and holistic activities.
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Specialist Spa Holidays

Improve your lifestyle with our destination spa holidays for a 24 hour health care experience. Ideal for solo travellers, meet like-minded individuals in group activities and fitness classes, before enjoying your own personalised treatments in the luxury spa.
Meet like-minded solo travellers on our singles spa holidays with group activities, fitness classes and meal tables. Enjoy some alone time as you enhance your well-being with Ayurvedic massages, revitalising facials and detoxifying body wraps in the luxury spa.
With stunning scenery and world-class spa facilities, our award-winning ultimate luxury wellness spa holidays are the epitome of paradise. Feel your stress wash away with the selection of treatments available, including holistic massages and detoxifying body wraps.
Cleanse and revitalise your system on our detox spa holidays. Transform by combining a nutritious detox diet with personal training, wellness and medical consultations. For the best results, complement with gentle fitness classes and detoxifying spa treatments.
Embark on our weight-loss spa holidays to kick-start a healthier lifestyle for long-lasting results. Combine nutritious gourmet cuisine with focused physical exercise to achieve results. Reward yourself in the spa, where therapists will advise treatments to aid your body's recovery.
Cleanse and revitalise your system on our detox spa holidays. Transform by combining a nutritious detox diet with personal training, wellness and medical consultations. For the best results, complement with gentle fitness classes and detoxifying spa treatments.
Improve both your physical and emotional well-being on our Ayurveda spa holidays. Wellness therapists will introduce you to this ancient Indian healing practice as you revitalise your mind, body and soul with holistic spa treatments and therapies for untimate well-being.
Kick back and relax on golden sands with a beach spa holiday. From the bays of Bali, to the shores of Spain, revitalise with therapeutic spa treatments beside the ocean after a long day keeping active with beachside sports and group fitness classes in the sun.
Rediscover the best version of yourself on our healing spa holidays, as you re-connect with your body and mind. Improve your health with the help of wellness therapists, spa treatments and regenerative fitness classes.
Enjoy quality time together on our couples spa holidays, and spoil each other by indulging in the range of luxurious spa treatments. Relax together with sensual massages, or awaken your body with an uplifting body scrub.
Re-energise and refuel on our healthy spa & sport holidays. Keep active across the globe with sports, from tennis to golf and cycling to swimming, before unwinding at the spa with a muscle soothing sports massage to boost your well-being.
Clear your mind on our relaxation & pampering spa holidays, and indulge in the range of wellness treatments on offer. Spoil yourself with massages, facials and body scrubs, before unwinding with a yoga, meditation or Tai Chi class.
For a quick healthy getaway designed to improve your well-being, escape on one of our spa breaks to re-energise your system. Enjoy therapeutic spa treatments to help your body heal and calm your mind with holistic therapies.
On our anti-ageing spa holidays, therapeutic treatments and healthy cuisine will help to rehydrate your skin for a healthier, younger you. Enjoy stress reducing activities and lifestyle workshops to improve well-being.
Combine fitness with wellness on our fitness spa holidays. Receive advice from personal trainers and wellness consultants on improving your well-being, then shape up in a group fitness class or unwind in the spa.
Tackle health problems on our medical spa holidays. Discuss concerns with wellness therapists and follow a tailored treatment plan with relaxing spa treatments for a healthier lifestyle.
Tailor-made for the discerning modern man, these spa holidays for men strike the perfect balance between relaxation and fitness, set within luxury facilities in beautiful locations worldwide, ranging from holistic healing to hi-tech medical spas
Discover the ancient healing tradition of thalassotherapy, utilising sea-water for cosmetic and health purposes. Your spa programme will use water to draw out impurities from the skin, along with hydro-pressure techniques to aid circulation.
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