Best Retreats for Managing Your Menstrual Health

Best Retreats for Managing your Menstrual Health


The menstrual cycle can be different for everyone, which often makes it difficult to talk about. While some people’s periods don’t affect their daily life, many people experience pain and premenstrual syndrome (PMS), caused by fluctuating hormone levels. Others have irregular periods or amenorrhea, where their period stops altogether. Menstrual health needs to be more openly spoken about, as it can indicate underlying health conditions. It is important to learn to manage your period the best that you can, and notice changes in your natural cycle. Managing your menstrual health can be difficult, but our range of wellness retreats can help you to tackle menstrual problems, be it mental or physical, through a number of treatments, therapies, and holistic approaches. Keep reading to discover our best retreats for managing your menstrual health!



Women’s Holistic Health at Absolute Sanctuary

 Kickboxing at Absolute Sanctuary


The women’s holistic health programme at Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand, is crafted with the goal of treating all areas of concern, mind, body, and spirit. It is a self-affirming programme that not only addresses women’s physical and emotional health but also hormonal imbalances. Using a combination of cleansing therapies, physical activity, nourishing cuisine, pampering body therapies and holistic hormone balancing sessions it allows the body to find its equilibrium. The retreat is great for managing your menstrual health and revitalising the body. Located on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in Thailand, and surrounded by lush vegetation, Absolute Sanctuary is the perfect place to relax and establish a healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that women who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer menstrual pain, cramps and mood disturbances, so embarking on a fitness holiday could help you to manage your cycle. The Women’s Holistic health programme at Absolute Sanctuary allows access to unique group fitness classes including sunrise walks, aqua challenges, and wellness workshops, that will help your body to function at its best. 

Information and booking: Women’s Holistic Health at Absolute Sanctuary


Healthy Ageing Women at SHA Wellness Clinic 

Holistic therapies at SHA Wellness Clinic to help manage your menstrual health


The Healthy Ageing Women programme at SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain, is designed to take away your fear of ageing, and provide support to help you adjust to the changes in your body. By combining advanced western wellness approaches and holistic treatments, physical and emotional health issues caused by menopause, such as sleeping problems, weight gain and hormonal imbalances will be reduced. Draw new energy and confidence and preserve your youthfulness and vitality as you follow a personalised meal plan, enjoy rejuvenating wellness therapies and have eye-opening talks with experienced consultants. SHA Wellness Clinic prides itself on offering uniquely tailored programmes for its clients. Guests at this renowned medical spa can enjoy a combination of organic cuisine, massages, and treatments to balance body and soul. Spa holidays are excellent for de-stressing; stress plays a vital role in the disturbance of hormonal health, especially as women age. This retreat is specifically aimed at menopausal women in order to help them embrace and understand the changes happening in their body. 

Information and booking: Healthy Ageing Women at SHA Wellness Clinic 


Total Self Care at Samahita 



The Total Self-Care programme at the luxurious Samahita Retreat in Thailand helps you to de-stress and re-balance your body. Wellness holidays are a great way to rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit. The wellness centre at Samahita Retreat combines modern technology with ancient Ayurveda techniques to heal and re-energise. Ayurveda Holidays provide the perfect opportunity to reconnect with yourself on all levels. You’ll benefit from emotional, spiritual, and physical renewal and personalised health guidance. With a dedicated wellness director and a team of highly knowledgeable therapists, you’ll leave your stay feeling refreshed and renewed. Samahita Retreat is set right on the tranquil beach of Laem Sor, on the South coast of Koh Samui. Yoga is at the centre of the retreat and is seen as an essential way to improve well-being as it reconnects the physical with the spiritual to enlighten the senses. Yoga and wellness treatments are combined to leave you completely de-stressed and personally empowered. This yoga-focused retreat will help you to feel more in control of your body and find inner strength even when you are on your period. 

Information and booking: Total Self Care at Samahita 


Chronic Pain Management at Ananda



The Chronic Pain Management retreat at Ananda in India, allows you to indulge in advanced techniques and procedures to help manage your chronic pain. A combination of Ayurveda and Physiotherapy sessions aims to reduce the intensity of pain, improve mobility, and enhance physical functioning. Ongoing checkups and personalised yoga and fitness sessions will support your specific needs and allow you to target different areas of pain. With expert advice from trained therapists and instructors, this retreat will help you to both ease and manage your chronic pain. Secluded in the beauty of the Himalayas, the resort is a natural sanctuary of wellbeing. Ananda uses a combination of Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, and healthy cuisine to improve your overall wellbeing. Learn the power of managing pain with meditation as part of your retreat and return feeling relaxed and empowered rather than weakened by your monthly cycle.

Information and booking: Chronic Pain Management at Ananda



BodyScience at BodyHoliday 



BodyHoliday is a luxurious spa resort set on the beautiful Caribbean Island of St. Lucia. Benefit from DNA testing, comprehensive body analysis and a tailor-made wellness plan using your unique genetic information with BodyHoliday’s medical programme; BodyScience. Choose from a range of BodyScience programmes (Healthy Ageing, Digestive Health, Detox, Fitness, Weight Management or Destress), or the even more thorough, BodyScience Plus programme, which requires you to complete home-based medical tests. The results will provide the foundation for your programme on arrival, including private fitness sessions, holistic Ayurvedic treatments and consultations with specialists. Medical Spa Holidays afford the opportunity to understand your body as well as recuperate with the help of multiple medical and wellness experts. Experience a life-changing wellness holiday that will boost your energy, cleanse your body and centre your mind. Understanding your body composition will help you to achieve optimum health and better manage your menstrual health.

Information and booking: BodyScience at BodyHoliday 


Looking after your body and mind will improve your menstrual health and help you to manage it better. Handpicked by our travel experts, these wellness retreats for managing your menstrual health will help you to feel more in control of your body so that you can feel healthier and happier, especially when it’s that time of the month. 



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