Boost Your Happy Hormones on a Wellness Holiday


It’s time to get to know the quadruplets of happiness: Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin and Endorphin. Gain control of this fun foursome and you’ll gain control of your own happiness. Here, we look at how each one of them works and recommend a way to catalyse them into action on a wellness holiday to boost your happy hormones.

When we’re armed with the simple knowledge of how our neurotransmitters and hormones function, we can develop some simple lifestyle hacks that will get the happiness flowing naturally – no need for medication. In fact, all we sometimes need is the movement of our body, a bit of sunshine and some sensible goal setting. Luckily, we’ve got just the selection of inspiring and uplifting wellness holidays to lift you out of those depressive dumps and into the happy hormone heavens.


Dopamine is effectively the body’s compass of ambition – it rewards us when we’ve reached our targets and goals, but stays locked away if we’re way off the mark. The best thing is, dopamine actually seeks out these goals and pushes us towards them. Thus, the answer to a dopamine high is simple: set realistic goals.

divani goals dopamine

Set and achieve your weight loss goals at Divani Apollon Weight Loss

Boost Dopamine on a Weight Loss Holiday: Greece –Divani Apollon Weight Loss

The greatest athletes on earth have Athens to thank for their Olympian prowess – and that’s exactly where we’re sending you to transform your body. Perched on the banks of the Athenian Riviera, just 25 mins out of the city centre, Divani Apollon Palace and Thalasso offers guests a private beach and a standard of a luxury spa breakthat’s ideal for setting yourself a focused, realistic fitness plan. Combining private weight loss consultations with daily personal training from a fitness expert, experience a weight loss holiday which is tailored to correctly push your limits without exhausting your hopes.

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Serotonin regulates our mood – too little of it and we can feel depressed, too much of it and we can feel anxious. But, it’s a two-way conversation: serotonin affects our mood, and our mood affects our serotonin level. The simplest way to boost your happy hormones and control a healthy level of serotonin is through exercise and getting out into the sunlight.

bodyholiday exercise serotonin

Exercise your way to a healthy serotonin balance at The BodyHoiday Fusion Fitness

Boost Serotonin with Daily Personal Training: St Lucia – The BodyHoliday Fusion Fitness

The place to go to get some sunshine on your skin, escape to St Lucia to boost your happy hormones on a wellness holiday in paradise. To boost your happy hormones, combine a mix of cardio, strength, sport, mind, body and renewal wellness activities on a tailor-made Fusion Fitness holiday that is personalised to help you reach your fitness goals. With a variety of activities both on land and water, guests will find themselves on a multi-activity holiday doing anything from hiking and kayaking, to yoga and Tai Chi, before rejuvenating with spa treatments to boost those happy hormones.

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Oxytocin is all about love - it increases when we do loving things like cuddling, or simply spending time with dear friends. Social interaction is the key player to boosting your happy hormones and the more we give the more we get. Our social web becomes a tangible measurement of value and we see the importance of loving each other through the reward of happiness.

body camp oxytocin group

Join the group and raise those oxytocin levels at The Body Camp

Boost Oxytocin on a Group Retreat: Ibiza – The Body Camp

Bask in the oxytocin gained through the group harmonics of a bootcamp holiday with fellow travellers in sunny Ibiza. Join in with a variety of fitness classes including circuit training, running, dancing, and even cookery, to help boost your happy hormones naturally. All this group interaction will then translate to inner-happiness during silent walks, yoga classes and lifestyle coaching sessions. There’s also an included massage treatment and a great nutrition plan, full of superfood shots and organic produce. Experience a life-changing wellness holiday that will transform the energy of a group retreat into happy hormones, boosting your positive lifestyle change.

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Endorphins come into action when we get moving - acting as a natural remedy to the pains of exercise, endorphins act as a rewards mechanism, helping us to enjoy getting fit. What’s fascinating is that we don’t have to engage in overtly strenuous activity to get these benefits – gentle yoga and even laughing can produce an endorphin release!

swaswara laughter yoga endorphin

Laugh your way to happy endorphin levels at SwaSwara Rejuvenation Yoga 

Boost Endorphins with Laughter Yoga: India – SwaSwara Rejuvenation Yoga

Retreat to India and reach the roots of your endorphins on one of our revitalising yoga holidays which will boost your happy hormones as you rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. This extensive yoga holiday includes daily classes in hatha yoga, yoga Nidra, laughter yoga, Pranayama and even Mandala meditation. Guests will also receive private yoga sessions and a consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor to really get those happy hormones going.  Weaving numerous Ayurvedic components into your stay, escape on an Ayurveda spa holiday which includes everything from holistic massages to Ayurvedic cooking classes.

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