Celebrate Wimbledon with a Tennis Coaching Holiday

Tennis Coaching Holiday

Celebrate Wimbledon with a Tennis Coaching Holiday Whether you're a keen tennis player or just taking up the sport, our tennis holidays are a great match for you. Wimbledon, the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, takes place between 24th June and 7th July and sees the best tennis players competing to win the Championships. Wimbledon hosts an incredible tournament for all fans to get involved, whether you want to watch the action from 'Henman Hill', indulge with afternoon tea as you enjoy the atmosphere or even work on your own tennis skills at the local tennis courts. Draw inspiration from the world's finest tennis stars and stay fit by embracing the tennis season on holiday. Boost your health with this exhilarating sport, which helps to increase your stamina, strength, co-ordination and overall fitness, whilst enjoying the summer sun. With daily private coaching sessions for beginners and experienced players alike, as well as a host of other activities, take to the courts on one of our top five tennis coaching holidays this summer. Aphrodite Hills Tennis Holiday, Cyprus Aphrodite Hills is renowned for its excellent tennis facilities including its Annabel Croft Tennis Academy, founded by the former British number one. The Academy holds 9 courts, and the tennis programme offers 5 days of professional coaching for beginners to advanced players. This includes private lessons, so you can work on specific parts of your game with your coach whilst enjoying the Mediterranean sun. Enjoy all the resort has to offer, including its world-class spa where you can wind down with a Swedish massage after a busy day. Shanti Maurice Fusion Fitness, Mauritius Our Fusion Fitness holiday at Shanti Maurice, a beautiful beach spa holiday destination in Mauritius, offers a flexible sports programme so you can choose private daily tennis lessons to improve your skills. The resort has two floodlit courts offering complimentary group tennis coaching, a fitness centre and its own revitalising Nira Spa. Restore your mind and body with a private Tai Chi, Pilates or yoga class, and take a refreshing dip in one of the three pools after a long day of playing tennis. Annabel Croft Tennis at Pine Cliffs Resort, Portugal Whether you're a seasoned pro or a just considering tennis for the first time, this one-week coaching holiday allows you to enjoy a secluded break whilst also honing your serve. The facilities boast six high quality tennis courts and qualified trainers who run training and coaching sessions. The academies philosophy orientates itself at the “Movement and Repetition” method, former British No.1 Annabel Croft has developed and perfected herself. The tennis programme includes highly paced drills and exercises to enjoy the training while growing in skill yourself. Tennis at BodyHoliday, St. Lucia Beginner or wannabe professional, the BodyHoliday offers group classes for every level of tennis player as well as personalised private lessons and a tournament to show off your enhanced skills. Make use of the luxurious spa during your stay in this idyllic tropical paradise as well as choosing from a range of complimentary activities and fitness classes! Tennis at Marbella Club, Spain Play in the steps of tennis legends such as Boris Becker and Serena Williams at the exceptional Puente Romano Tennis Club just three minutes away from Marbella Club. Well-equipped courts, and individual coaching sessions with encouraging and talented instructors help you to gain confidence and perfect your technique. If you want to put your new-found skills to the test, group tennis tournaments on Thursdays and Sundays are the perfect opportunity to channel your inner champion. But it’s not all go, go, go! Relax after an energetic day with a personalised massage, yoga or meditation and return home from your tennis holiday with that feel-good feeling. Talk to one of our Travel Specialists on 0203 397 8891 or contact us h ere to discuss tailor-making your perfect healthy holiday. 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