Covid-19 Travel Checklist

There’s no doubt that travelling abroad will be a little different for the foreseeable future, but there’s no need for pre-holiday panic with our Covid-19 checklist to help prepare you for the ‘new travel normal’. With Government guidelines constantly changing it’s hard to know where’s safe to travel to and what’s the entry requirements and regulations are for each destination, so it’s a good idea to check the before you go anywhere. To make things easier, we have brought together everything you need to know about Covid-friendly travel, from borders, insurance, and visas, to airport regulations, accommodation, and masks.



What’s Open?


Although some countries have lifted their travel restrictions, At Health and Fitness Travel, we are continuously communicating with our suppliers to keep up to date on the regulations and reopening of our destinations and retreats. In line with our Book with Confidence policy, if anything changes between the date of booking and your arrival we will work to rearrange or refund your holiday, and prepare you for any procedures and measures in place during your stay.


Attractions and Visits

Whilst many bars and restaurants have been given the go ahead, a lot of tourist attractions and visits remain closed. It is worth checking that the places you want to visit are open and familiarise yourself with their Covid policies as some may be running reduced services.


Pre-airport Precautions

Health Certificate

Depending on your destination, you might require a ‘fit-to-fly’ form, medical certificate or even a negative coronavirus test result to be able to enter without quarantining. Check the governments  for each country to make sure you’re properly prepared.



With visa regulations frequently changing and some countries cancelling their visa-on-arrival policy, it is important to check your destinations rules and make sure you’re prepared with a visa well in advance if needed! Take a look at the government’s for information on each country’s entry requirements.


Proof of Accommodation

Now that track and trace procedures are being implemented, save yourself the panic and print out proof of your accommodation before you leave – only a selection of airports require it but it’s better to be safe than sorry!



Gone are the days of hoping for the best and travelling without insurance as lots of airports are implementing insurance checks as you enter or leave. Wherever you’re travelling, it’s important that you not only have insurance, but the right one for your trip that includes both medical cover and travel disruption considering the current pandemic. Be careful to check what different policies include – the cheapest option might not always be the best as it may not cover all your needs.  


Passenger Locator Form (UK specific)

When arriving back in the UK from any country you will need to provide your journey and contact details via an online form that can only be submitted 48 hours before your arrival in the UK. The form is a free online service and without it your journey back into the UK will be a lot longer, so make sure you set yourself a reminder!


What else do I need to know?

Airport measures

Many airports have altered their layouts and procedures to accommodate Covid-19 regulations, so it’s worth allowing time for delays and alterations to your usual airport routine. Whilst these new regulations are in place and reducing contact is such a big priority, it is advised that check-in be done online, prior to your arrival at the airport and, where possible, hand luggage be minimised. As you go through the airport stay alert for staff and signs giving guidance - they’re there to help and can advise you on where to sit, how to queue at check-in and security measures, as well as how to maintain a social distancing to keep areas from congesting.



Your mask is now just as important as your passport on your travels and they are now a legal requirement for when travelling on public transport (except for those who are exempt). Unless you are asked to remove it, are eating or drinking in a pub, restaurant, bar or food court, or have a legitimate reason not to wear one, you should have your mask on throughout your journey, and if using a disposable mask you should be aware of where you dispose of it - it’s not just you trying to stay safe, you have to think of those around you as well!


Cleansing supplies

Last but by no means least, cleaning supplies! You should make sure you have hand sanitiser and/or anti-bacterial gel or wipes with you throughout your journey to keep your hands and face clean (there’s no harm in also wiping down surfaces or seats before you use them to be extra safe). With our top tips for safe holiday and plane travel you can make sure you’ve got everything you need to stay as safe and healthy as possible from the moment you leave your house.

There’s a lot to remember, but staying prepared and organised will keep you and those around you as safe as possible amid the current pandemic. Some key things to keep in mind…

  • Check the borders and attractions for your destination
  • Check what paperwork you require for travelling, some possibilities are: health certificate, Covid-19 negative test result, visa, proof of accommodation, travel insurance and passenger locater form
  • Stay alert in the airport and be aware of new procedures and measures in place
  • Always wear a mask (unless you are exempt)
  • Remember your sanitiser!

Once you’ve ticked it all off, the last thing to remember is have a safe and soothing holiday! At Health and Fitness Travel we are on hand to help any customers with holiday queries or problems and make sure you have the relaxing wellness holiday that you deserve.

Talk to one of our Travel Specialists on  or contact us here to discuss tailor-making your wellness holiday.