Eight easy ways to exercise

Eight easy ways to exercise


The 21st century sees the majority of the people in the UK leading hectic lifestyles, that are not conducive to fitting in time to go the gym or arranging sports matches with your friends. However, do not despair, as Health and Fitness Travel has 8 sneaky ways to fit in some mini-bursts of exercise into your busy schedule.


Public transport

If you take public transport to work then why not hop on and off your bus/train 1 stop earlier, and grab those extra few minutes walking. Provided your journey isn't too long, you could build up to walking the last two stops, then three, then maybe walk the whole way!

Lunch breaks

Even if you only have 10 minutes spare during your lunch break, use it effectively and get some fresh air. Go for a walk, run or a cycle around the block. If the British weather isn't playing ball then find an empty room and do some press-ups, sit-ups or jumping jacks - anything to get your heart rate up above the norm.

Stairs vs. lifts & escalators

Will you really save that much time at work by taking the lift instead of the stairs? Come on, this is a really easy cheat that you can exploit multiple times a day. If you're super keen then run up the stairs instead, so long as health and safety allows it! You can apply this cheat to escalators too.

Aeroplane flights

If you feel inactive on a long flight abroad to one of Health and Fitness Travel's fabulous destinations then remember to take regular walks up and down the aisles just to keep your blood flowing and joints mobilised. Take a squash ball to squeeze in your hand or do some toe raises whilst still sitting in your seat. Little things can aid circulation and help you avoid conditions like deep vein thrombosis (DVT).


If watching TV is integral to your evening routine, then why not combine it with using an exercise bike. Enjoy your favourite programmes whilst shedding calories; it's win-win.

Entertain the kids

If you have children then take the opportunity to play some ball games or take them for a jaunt down to the local park. Fun family activities like these will get you and your children energised. Multiple ticks in the win column here!


The majority of people don't like doing housework but we all know it must be done. It is proven that tasks like vacuuming, dusting, gardening and scrubbing floors are all cheap and easy ways to burn off an extra few calories. A clean and tidy environment is important for physical and mental wellbeing, so stop putting it off and get on with those chores!

Pick an exercise you enjoy

It seems obvious but so many people do exercise that they don't like. It can become something they dread and inevitably give up through lack of willpower. Find an exercise that you DO enjoy doing and that you can look forward to. Having a positive attitude before you begin is part of the battle won.

All these free bits of exercise count and will contribute to a healthy body and mind. Adopting this positive, active lifestyle choice is extremely beneficial to your wellbeing.

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