Summer Health Tips



The excitement is killing me; it's nearly here, Aslan is but a couple of weeks away…

On June 21st we not only celebrate the longest day in the year but, in doing so, WE WELCOME THE SUMMER.

If you're in the UK, and most of you reading this are, it will no doubt be an anti-climax, full of hope and promise but lacking in delivery - words I have heard on oh so many occasions. However it turns out, there are a few truths that tend to hold firm:

1. We actually watch what we eat a little more and work out harder / more frequently due to those occasions that the big yellow effort in the sky actually works and we wear less clothes.

2.  We consume more alcohol - post work drinks in beer gardens, bbq's that are arranged on the fly, sporting events you attend or watch, en mass, in a pub / your front room, nights out with the girls, carried on a wave of Pinot Grigio (or 'Bow if you're from my neck of the woods) etc.

3. When said, yellow effort is working we strip down to our smalls and lie, motionless in the back garden, basking it all of its 18 degrees glory hoping to become a little less transparent. 

So how do we stay healthy during these heady, halcyon days of hedonistic hope? How do we get to August bank holiday lean, lithe, and sound of liver?

First things first - set yourself a work-out programme. Outdoors, indoors, gym based or group exercise led, it matters not but keep it varied, keep it convenient, and KEEP IT GOING! If you don't exercise or go to a gym currently, try to avoid setting yourself a twice a day, 6 times a week regime as it may be a little optimistic. Find the times that work best in your current, weekly pattern, find local activities that you want to do, try to find someone to do it all with and set yourself up to succeed. If you're already a gym bunny then DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. It'll be tougher to begin with but the change will keep your body on its toes and prevent plateau.

Eat good all the time. Cheat days are 2 a penny with the bbq's, booze, and booty bourgeoning opportunities so make sure the diet is otherwise lean, complex, protein rich and vegetable heavy. If / when you are at a bbq go chicken, fish, and steak. Sausages are burgers should be avoided.
Cousin Phil

Hydrate! Whenever, wherever, include more water. This cannot be overstated.

Go easy on your skin. The way us Brits sunbathe is akin to binge drinking. We do it in bursts that our skin just isn't used to, grabbing every, precious ray available before it is gone for another 10 months. I get it, I really do, but we wrinkle and age all the more for it. There are other detriments, long term, but the vanity card usually works the best and the short term benefit of a tan should be tempered with the long term result of looking like this…   (My cousin Phil - 28 years of age)

Stay healthy out there kids, and if you can't stay healthy, it had better be fun!

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