The Best Holidays for Stand Up Paddleboarding

Woman Paddleboarding on a lake with a mountainous backdrop


Stand up paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing water sports for so many reasons and it is becoming increasingly accessible on watersports holidays. It is a brilliant way to get in shape while having fun! It offers a full-body workout, which can burn more calories in an hour than most sports as it combines strength, balance, core and endurance. You’ll most certainly build up your tan and look even more radiant on and off the water. Being around large bodies of water can be incredibly calming, therefore paddling along while soaking up the natural surroundings is meditative.

It is a beautifully diverse activity which can be whatever you choose to make it from letting loose with friends, an efficient and amusing form of exercise, or a relaxed experience to connect with your inner peace. Besides, paddle boarding is for all ages and fitness levels, it is estimated that it takes only an hour to feel comfortable on the board, and after that, you’ll be plain sailing.  Discover our favourite activity holidays where you can delve into the art that is paddleboarding, from a family active holiday in Portugal where you will create matchless memories, to a SUP & yoga retreat where you can glide over crystal waters to calm your mind and soul.


Thailand: SUP & Yoga at Amatara Wellness Resort


Immerse yourself in Thailand’s unspoilt charm on this SUP & yoga holiday to balance your mind, body and soul. From their serene landscapes to their friendly culture, it is easy to settle into their gentle way of life. A yoga holiday will allow you to focus on mindfulness and truly escape the pressures of modern life. Picture yourself on the south-eastern peninsula of Phuket, with daily private stand up paddle boarding lessons. Unwind from your day on water with daily yoga classes as a change of pace, or enjoy a variety of massages to revive yourself from a Thai to a Signature Amatara massage. Take all your experiences home from this ultimate wellness holiday and feel collected, healthier and at peace with yourself.


Information and Booking: Amatara Wellness Resort


Sri Lanka: Surf & Turf at The BNKR


Surfing, paddle boarding and kayaking are known to be for the adventure holiday type – fun-filled and free-spirited, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. Well, The BNKR guarantees you’ll be totally engrossed in the great outdoors, including staying in a quaint beach bungalow. Sri Lanka provides untouched exotic gardens, golden sandy beaches and lagoons against the vibrant backdrop of the thick jungle, a perfect playground for an active holiday. Get involved in unique fitness explorations, from stand-up paddle boarding private lessons to daily kitesurfing lessons, followed by sports massages to rest your muscles. After this fitness retreat, you’ll feel like a kid again, refreshed and full of life!


Information and Booking: The BNKR


Portugal: Family TimeTogether™ at Monchique Resort & Spa


Our family holidays are a great way to spend quality time together, combining healthy cuisine, multi-generational activities and luxury spa experiences, we have something to suit every character. Monchique is perfectly placed amongst the rolling Portuguese hills and the sapphire blue waters and offers a huge range of activities making the best of their location. Imagine trying stand up paddle boarding for the first time, whether your children are confident enough to stand up or want to start sitting down, there are many new experiences to seize including horse riding, water polo or even a treasure hunt. Take the opportunity to escape with your partner for a distillery tour and wine tasting or luxury spa treatments such as a couples’ massage. This wellness holiday will send you home with stronger bonds, beautiful memories and completely relaxed!


Information and Booking: Monchique Resort & Spa


Caribbean, Turks & Caicos: Yoga & Pilates at COMO Parrot Cay


Boost your natural sense of calm with a full-body conditioning Pilates holiday, where wellness and adventure come together in perfect harmony. COMO Parrot Cay’s luxury wellness resort is set on a private Caribbean island, an absolute paradise to purify and holistically nurture you inside and out. Surround yourself by emerald green water and glide over it all with stand up paddle boarding to discover more of the beauty around you. Enjoy renowned healthy cuisine and an Asian-inspired spa to rest your mind and body in every sense possible, alongside daily group Pilates sessions and educational classes. Explore a new-found sense of peace and inner stillness, in the knowledge you will return from your healthy holiday blissfully relaxed.


Information and Booking: COMO Parrot Cay


Morocco: Fusion Fitness™ at Paradis Plage


If you’re seeking the ultimate fitness holiday, packed with diversity and fun then we have the retreat for you! Set yourself away from the hustle and bustle of tourism in the southwest of Morocco with Paradis Plage’s private beach oasis. Our exclusive Fusion Fitness holiday redefines a bespoke active break since you wholeheartedly make it your own by choosing all of your activities. Get out onto the water with a private stand-up paddle boarding lesson or group classes, whichever suits you best! Raise your heart rate with daily workouts and unwind with yoga or stretching sessions, or better yet enjoy a Thai massage. Return home from this super active holiday re-energised and having challenged yourself or tried something completely new!


Information and Booking: Paradis Plage


Whether you are looking for solo travel ideas, a couple’s adventure or family-friendly activities paddle boarding is great from a health, exploration, and entertainment perspective. From Portugal’s scenic coastlines to the Caribbean’s dreamlike beaches, so long as you have a body of water, the world is your paddle board’s oyster.  


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