• 11 Reasons Why Health Retreats are So Good For You

    11 Reasons Why Health Retreats are So Good For You


    Instead of a guilt inducing holiday spent over indulging, choose a luxury health retreat and give your body the best present it’s had in years. We all welcome the relaxation time that a holiday promises, but on a health retreat you gain the opportunity not only to relax, but the chance to take charge of your neglected well-being goals, and return home with benefits that will long outlast your tan.

  • 6 Authentic Wellness Retreats to Clear your Mind

    6 Authentic Wellness Retreats to Clear your Mind


    With so many retreats to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which retreats are truly authentic. Here at Health and Fitness Travel we have spent years trying, testing and researching all kinds of wellness escapes from Ayurvedic and mindfulness to yoga and digital detox to decipher which retreats are the most trustworthy. Thankfully, we can assure our clients that during any one of our healthy holidays, they will have the time to rest, focus on themselves and release any built-up stress causing mental exhaustion. Under the guidance of highly trained wellness experts, guests can feel assured that they will leave their holiday with the mental clarity and sense of purpose they’ve been searching for. So, without further ado, here are 6 authentic wellness retreats that are loved and trusted by us. 

  • 7 Life-changing Solo Wellness Trips

    7 Life-changing Solo Wellness Trips

    When we travel, we open the door to positive change and endless new possibilities. Travelling to our planet’s most illustrious destinations on one of our life-changing solo wellness trips will connect you to stunning nature, diverse culture and new ways of thinking, sparking a new-found creativity and energy within you.

  • 8 Amazing Ideas for an Accessible Wellness Retreat

    Accessible Wellness Retreat


    In the 21st Century, all tourists seek unique travel experiences, tailored to their needs. But are all travel operators providing sustainable, accessible, and inclusive destinations that allow people to enjoy their holidays without hindrance? There are 13.9 million people living with a disability in the UK. That’s 20% of the population – which means 1 in 5 customers are likely to have a long-term health condition that impacts their day-to-day lives. Championing wellness for everyone, we have extensively researched and put together our accessible travel offering to helptravellers make informed decisions about where to go when it comes to booking awellness holiday that caters for their unique needs. 

  • 8 of the best Female-only Wellness Retreats Worldwide

    8 of the best Female-only Wellness Retreats Worldwide

    With solo female travel rapidly on the rise, there has never been a better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than with a wellness retreat. Discover the best female-only wellness retreats worldwide for solo travel. From relaxing on the glistening shores of the Algarve with an immersive yoga experience, to increasing your fitness on an intensive bootcamp overlooking the striking Thai mountains, these exclusive health and fitness retreats are guaranteed to enlighten and empower every woman.

  • 8 of the Best Women's Wellness Retreats to Celebrate International Women’s Day

    Best Women's Wellness Retreats to Celebrate International Women’s Day


    With one in three people now prioritising wellness on holiday and a five-fold increase in Google searches for ‘solo female travel’ in the last five years, it's safe to say that there's a demand for all-encompassing wellness retreats that cater to women's needs.

  • Can Wellness Retreats Be Affordable?

    Can Wellness Retreats Be Affordable?


    It’s a common misconception that wellness holidays are only for the affluent and elite, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth! With our collection of incredibleaffordable healthy retreats in glamourous destinations such as Spain and Turkey, it’s more than possible to work on yourself without breaking the bank. After all, investing in wellness and self-care is investing in yourself!  

  • Give the Gift of a Future Wellness Holiday This Mother’s Day

    Mother's Day gift for 2021

    With Mother's Day just around the corner, we're sharing the best wellness breaks to gift health-conscious mums for future travel. What better a Mother’s Day gift than a post-pandemic wellness escape? With our wellness travel gift cards that can be gifted now and redeemed later, you can treat your much-loved mum to a relaxing wellness holiday to destress and revitalise the body when travel restrictions ease. All holidays are protected by our book with confidence policy for extra peace of mind. From a mountain escape in Greece to a beach retreat in Portugal, these wellness breaks offer respite for hard-working and much-loved mums. Here are the top 5 wellness breaks in the UK and Europe for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

  • My Journey of Hosting Retreats and Teaching Online

    Jessica Lambert practising yoga


    I have been writing for Health and Fitness Travel for almost a year now, it seemed like a fitting time to share a bit more about myself and how I ended up where I am today. 

  • New Year Improved You: Life-Coaching Retreats for 2021


    As the year draws to a close, many are being bitten by the desire for change. The final holiday of the year can be a heavy week or two of over-eating and under-exercising. For a break with a difference, commit to creating a new you with a healthy holiday of self-improvement. Life-Coaching Retreats do more than your average holiday; they aim to change, to reset and recalibrate every part of your life. All the strands that are necessary for productive living are brought together for a comprehensive enhancement in one health focused package. Following your retreat, you’ll be readily equipped with the psychological tools to carry your progress forward. With guidance from the life-coaching experts, you’ll find your way to a fresh start and a reinvigorated you. Let’s explore our recommended life-coaching retreats for 2021:

  • The Best British Spa Hotels

    The Best British Spa Hotels



    Spa-induced wellness holidays don’t always have to come from far-flung destinations around the globe such as Thailand, Mauritius or Bali. Now, although those are fantastic choices, there are also options a little closer to home here in the UK. For those who perhaps are unable to travel long-distance or those that want a quick and convenient shot of wellness, these luxury spa retreats in the UK are the perfect answer. There has been a shift in the mentality of travellers after the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept across the UK and beyond. Rather than a ‘generic resort’, many are seeking authentic rejuvenation with holistic treatments and bespoke therapies having seen the importance of maintaining a strong physical and mental disposition. Explore our list of the best British Spa hotels where you don’t have to stress about travel restrictions and PCR tests! 

  • The Best Wellness Holidays for the Doubly Vaccinated in Europe to Book Now

    Preidlhof from an aerial view with beautiful green valleys and mountains

    Yes, you can travel again! It is time to explore new horizons and put the Covid- 19 chaos behind you. We are all relishing the recent move by the UK government to allow those who have been doubly vaccinated to enjoy quarantine-free travel upon their return to the UK from amber list countries! We’ve seen a huge rise in enquiries and bookings for wellness holidays, which reflects all of our eagerness to go abroad, explore and relax while pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re jetting off solo on a singles holiday or with the whole family, stamp your passports and make every moment a memory.

  • The Top 10 Affordable Wellness Retreats in Europe

    The Top 10 Affordable Wellness Retreats in Europe


    The cost-of-living crisis is putting a strain on everyone’s budgeting, with even butter costing an arm and a leg, holidays may be the last thing on your mind. However, is a wellness trip away to focus on your health and get a well-deserved break not what you need the most?! Everyone deserves a replenishing healthy holiday, hence why we have curated a list of the mostaffordable wellness retreats in Europe! Being in Europe they’re not too far to travel to, so no matter if you are looking for a long weekend with minimal time off work or a proper break, each of these are budget-friendly whilst also being easy to get to. 


  • The Top 5 Wellness Retreats to Visit This Spring

    The Top 5 Wellness Retreats to Visit This Spring


    Spring is traditionally a time of renewal in nature, so why not for you too? We’ve put together our top 5 wellness retreats to visit this spring to help you renew and keep your wellness goals on track. Studies by winter.com show that Spring is the perfect time to refocus on your health. Here are our top 5 picks forspring wellness retreats: 

  • The Top UK Wellness Retreats to Visit in 2022

    The Top UK Wellness Retreats to Visit in 2022

    Thinking about somewhere to travel to this year? Why not explore theUK and experience all the amazing natural beauty and great experiences that are just waiting to be discovered. Take a plunge into the wealth of activities the UK has to offer. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, fitness fanatic or even craving a relaxingspa retreat, there’s plenty for all sorts of people, with all sorts of healthy aspirations! Here we will delve into some of the top UK wellness retreats, where they’re located and what sort-after benefits they can bring you.  

  • What is a Mental Health Retreat?

    Overlook of SHA Wellness Clinic and pool.


    It is so often that we hear of people taking “mental health” days or breaks - but what does this actually mean? For some, this can mean a relaxing day on the couch or a simple day off! At Health and Fitness Travel, ourwellness holidays are structured and are multi-faceted. The purpose of a mental health retreat is to detoxify the mind and body of stress and tension, and each element of our retreats has a significant effect on your mental health.  

  • Where To Go on Holiday According to Your Star Sign 

    Where to go on holiday according to your star sign


    Follow the stars in 2022 and let them guide you towards your dream wellness experience in a destination befitting of your horoscope. Whether you’re a fiery Aries or an unconventional Aquarius – we have just the health-enhancing wellness holiday for you! 

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